Henry Cavill’s Muscles Wore Down His Armour ‘At An Alarming Rate’ On The Set Of ‘The Witcher’

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in Entertainment, TV
Published 23.12.19

Henry Cavill is a man who looks like he drinks 400 protein shakes a day.

Now he’s become so buff, and possibly and literally too sexy for his shirt, that the show’s costume designer admits it became an issue.

Clearly not slowing down in the festive season, Cavill’s new role as Geralt of Rivia for Netflix’s new show,  The Witcher, has been causing some havoc for the costuming department.

Forced to stick to a gruelling work-out routine, his built-up muscles often wore down the hardy leather costumes, which had to constantly be replaced.


With his armour being pushed to breaking point at an “alarming rate”, substitutes had to continuously be produced in order to meet the production’s needs.

I often go through pairs of shoes quickly because I walk weird, so this feels like the weirdest humble brag of all time. Although it’s nice to see Cavill going ultra-method with his indestructibly buff, impossibly gruff, angry punchy characters.

Designer Tim Aslam reported that Cavill didn’t just have a hand in destroying the costumes, however, but also had an influence in creating them. Apparently the actor was hugely particular about his outfit, especially in the way it fit his character.

Producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich detailed Cavill’s approach to his look. Reportedly, in order to achieve the weathered look of Geralt, Cavill lived and breathed the role.


“He wanted, for instance, for the armour to look like it had been worn for years and years. So he made breakfast in it and he would sleep in it.

We were like ‘you don’t have to do that by the way’, but he’s that invested in embodying his character.

It was important to him. It’s one of the reasons why Henry is such an important member of our team”.

In an interview with Polygon, Cavill commented on his dedication to the role.

Hair and makeup stuff has become an essential component of becoming the character in the morning,

“One, because it takes so damn long, and two, it’s such a particular look. I wanted to make sure Geralt looked like a Witcher who was a bad ass and still remained raw.”


 Although if your gigantic muscles keep destroying your clothes, this is bound to not be too difficult.

Hissrich asked her designers to bring high fashion to the show, without losing the practicality for the highly physical characters. This meant slim trousers and a fitted doublet for the men, and slim dresses for the women.

Aslam recalled this encounter to a reporter:

They were saying to me, ‘Whatever you do, don’t make it look like the game.

“I looked at a few images and said, ‘That isn’t gonna happen because, actually, it looks a bit tacky.'” 

No idea what they’re talking about.

“We had to make sure we could have something that stayed true to the books but [was] also very practical,”  continued Hissrich.


“We have something that books and video games don’t have – actual actors who have to wear these things and perform in them on a daily basis.” 

When, and where, can I watch The Witcher?

So if you’re interested in seeing either the fights between Geralt and a bunch of monsters, or Henry Cavill and his clothing,  The Witcher is on Netflix now.

Reviews have already began rolling in. Comparisons have even been made between the series and Game of Thrones, so fantasy fans have a lot to look forward to.


One Twitter user wrote:

Some of the action and sword work choreogrpahy for The Witcher is some of the best I can recall for a sword and sorcery/fantasy series of this type in years.”

Another gave this pretty complimentary critique of the show:

Oh I will say this. The fight scenes in The Witcher make Game of Thrones fight scenes look like two drunks fighting outside a bar.”

Although two drunks fighting outside a bar is my favourite TV show, I’d say The Witcher won’t be too far behind.

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