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Here's What The Word 'Grandino' Means After Tommy Fury Confuses Love Island Fans


Fans of Love Island, as well as Amber Gill, were perplexed when Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury's brother, used the term. This is what Grandino is getting at.

Every season of Love Island has introduced us to new terms, and this season has been no exception. Normally, Love Island viewers are on board with all of the latest jargon and buzzwords, but his usage of the word 'Grandino' last night perplexed even the most ardent followers of the show.

Tommy Fury wearing a white shirt and a black neckpiece
Tommy Fury wearing a white shirt and a black neckpiece

Tommy fury, eyeswhich are blue in color, a boxer from last night's show, perplexed his fellow islanders, particularly Amber Gill. As Amber sat in the beanbags with some of the other girls and boys, Tommy teased her, claiming that she had mistaken a 'Grandino' for a 'Grande' drink at Starbucks.

Love Island Twitter Fans rushed to social media to analyze and vent their frustration about what Grandino meant...

"What. Is. Grandino.#LoveIsland"


— Zoë (@omgzoeactually) June 12, 2019

"Grandino is that what you get at Starbucks nah I’m fully done amber you’re my favourite." 🤣 #loveisland

-Luke Furnival


"The whole UK looking up what Grandino is???"


—— Naii (@Naiiii_xx) June 12, 2019

Heart-shaped island covered with plants in the blue sea
Heart-shaped island covered with plants in the blue sea

So, if you're like us and have no idea what a Grandino is, we're here to tell you that it's an American cookie. Every day you learn something new.

We assume that the cookie, despite being a fan of the American sweet treat, would have been a better-looking and tasting supper than the one Tommy served his companion for the evening. He presented the brunette bombshell with cheese, ketchup, and mayo on two slices of bread.

And this took the wrath of Love Island Twitterfans.

So, if you and your friends were scratching your heads last night while watching Love Island and wondering what Tommy Fury was thinking,

‘What does Grandino mean?’

– This is what you can say to them:

It's a tasty cookie from the United States.


And, contrary to Amber Gill's belief, a Grandino is not a Starbucks 'Grande' drink. Why did they begin to discuss it in the first place?

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