Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In September

Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams in Entertainment, Netflix, TV
Published 30.08.19

I honestly can’t wait for September after seeing what Netflix has in store.

Literally every series I watch has finished for another year. The 100, 13 Reasons Why (yes I’ve finished the whole of Season 3 already, don’t judge me), Riverdale – those couple of episodes honestly made my week. And now they’re gone…

But it’s been revealed what’s going to be on Netflix in September, and you won’t believe how amazing everything sounds. From crime dramas to romantic comedies, here’s a selection of the some of the best things coming to Netflix next month.


What’s on Netflix in September?

Dirty Dancing – Sunday 1st September

Described as ‘endlessly quotable‘ and ‘immensely charming’, Frances “Baby” Houseman falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle at a sleepy holiday resort. A timeless romantic drama that I guarantee we’ll all be watching the moment it appears on Netflix.


Elite: Season 2 – Friday 6th September

A Spanish crime drama that follows Samuel, Nadia and Christian, three working class teens who gain scholarships to the most exclusive private school in Spain. The resulting clash between them and the wealthy students makes this a totally binge-worthy tv show.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father: Season 3 – Friday 6th September

Comedian Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael, embark on unusual and amusing trips around the world. Season 1 saw them travel the popular “gap year route” across South East Asia, whilst Season 2 was filmed in Eastern Europe. Their Season 3 itinerary includes Arizona and Las Vegas as Whitehall attempts to develop his US career.


The I-Land – Thursday 12th September

If sci-fi is your thing, this Netflix original series is for you. A group of strangers wake up on a treacherous island with their memories wiped, soon to discover that this new world is not as it seems. Anyone else getting those Lost vibes?

Tall Girl – Friday 13th September

Being the tallest girl in high school, Jodi has always felt like an outcast. But when she falls for a new exchange student, she finds herself entangled in a surprising love triangle. In this heartfelt coming-of-age story, Jodi learns to overcome her insecurities and inspires confidence in viewers to stand tall.

Unbelievable – Friday 13th September

From the writer of Erin Brokovich and inspired by real events, a young woman is accused of lying about rape, leading two female detectives to investigate a series of eerily similar attacks that could reveal the truth.


Criminal – Friday 20th September

12 different stories, set in 4 different countries, filmed in 4 different languages. Yet we never leave the confines of a police interview suite. David Tennant and Hayley Atwell star in this ambitious and exciting police procedural that focuses on the conflict between detectives and suspects.

Disenchantment: Part 2 – Friday 20th September

Matt Groening’s satirical fantasy animation is back, continuing with the story of Bean, a free-spirited alcoholic princess. Described by Groening as having a “definite feminist point of view”, this charming and unique sitcom is hilariously subversive. And since part 2 isn’t released until the 20th of September, you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on the first 10 episodes.


Glitch: Season 3 – Wednesday 25th September

Seven people rise from the dead in perfect health. This series follows the ‘Risen’, as well as a doctor and a police officer, as they try to unravel the mystery of how they have returned. For its third and final season, the show released a trailer with the words: “All the rules have changed…” – sounds like my kind of show!

The Good Place: Season 4 – Friday 27th September

In this heart-warming comedy about life after death, The Good Life is a heaven-like utopia, and Eleanor Shellstrop realises she’s there by mistake. Nevertheless, she’s determined to become a better person and earn her place. That’s the beginning anyway – I can’t tell you any more without spoiling it, and I found that out the hard way.


The Politician – Friday 27th September

Ben Platt stars as Payton, a wealthy student determined to win his high school’s student body president election, the next step on his path to success. Payton will have to outsmart his manipulative and ruthless classmates whilst considering his own public image, offering a glimpse into what it really takes to make a politician.

Good luck deciding what to watch!

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