Apart from the genius bush disguise that circulated on social media, racking up around 16.5 million views on TikTok not so long ago, this has to be my second favourite lockdown covert disguise.

Whilst no average 47-year old could realistically fit inside a wheelie bin without difficulty – a 12-year old boy definitely can, and this is where dad Martin Fretter roped in the assistance of his son, Nathan to throw a hilarious prank on their local waste collection workers.

Martin Fretter, 47, cut holes out of a bin for his 12-year old son’s arms and legs and little peep holes for his eyes so he could hide inside and put the sh*ts up the bin men on collection day in Daventry, Northhamptonshire.

Crouched down inside the inconspicuous black waste bin with a blue lid, Nathan, makes a break for it as one of the bin men approaches to collect the waste.

bin prank bin men

The bin man is visibly taken aback as he swears in shock whilst his colleagues laugh on as the bin legs it.


The man behind the bin prank, Martin has been a bin man himself for 25 years and said: “I always try to make people laugh and I like to do zany things with my kids”.

Neighbours who witnessed the prank recorded it unfold on their mobile phones and later posted it on social media where more than 10,000 people commented.

Martin who has now also shared the clip encouraged people to go and clap for their local bin men in his caption.

One comment read: “Best video you will see today”.

While another added: “It was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing”.

Not sure whether you can make it out from the footage but the young lad (bin) shouts “you’ll never take me alive” as he scoots down the road and this has to be my favourite moment.



And it seems the family haven’t yet ditched the bin costume – I mean why would you it cheered people up no end the first time around.

Martin recently shared a clip of ‘bin boy’ doing some home exercise on the treadmill during lockdown.

It seems Nathan can barely keep up – perhaps, he’s training for his next prank.

He’s also been practicing a spot of bin boxing.

Bin Boy misses his Muay Thai 😂😂

Posted by Sharon Fretter on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

And his ‘5 minutes of daily exercise’.

Trying to get his 5 minutes of exercise! Didnt go well 😳

Posted by Sharon Fretter on Wednesday, 8 April 2020


YouTube channel please.

Images via Sharon Fretter/Martin Fretter/YouTube