Only the other day I had to write about a pair or twins who got surgery to look even more like each other and who hoped to have a pair of babies by the same man.

I’m happy to be writing a nice twins story this time. A story that doesn’t make me want to die.

Having kept the fact that they had twins secret, this couple decided to surprise their family who were already doting over one of the newborns, by walking in with their other infant son.

The video from Tom Shircliff is pretty great, and it’s amazing to see the reaction on the woman’s face as she notices that something peculiar has happened.

Have a watch…


Tom and Brianne Shircliffe, from Kentucky, already have two children together, Gavin, four, and Briella Rose, three, but it wasn’t all dreamy for them, as they went through some heartbreak prior to the conception of their two new bubs.

Sharing the video and other pictures on Facebook, Tom wrote:

In 2019, we lost our baby boy approximately 5 months into the pregnancy. While that was the worst day of our lives, we never gave up “hope” of continuously trying to expand our family. I have no doubt that our baby boy in Heaven has been watching over us each day & played a part in blessing us this year with twins!

Pretty devastating stuff, but happily there was a light at the end of the tunnel and a pretty great video where Tom introduced his newest son to his parents, who were already cooing at his and Brianne’s new daughter.

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Tom went on to explain:


To top it off, while some family & friends knew Brianne Shircliff was pregnant, not a single one of them knew it was with twins. Since visitors weren’t allowed at the hospital due to COVID restrictions, the exciting twin news wouldn’t be revealed until family/friends witnessed the surprise firsthand during visitation at our house or via video chats. Reactions were priceless to say the least.

The babies were born premature, which kept them in the NICU for multiple weeks. Our little girl had a tight knot in her umbilical cord that stunned the doctors, so it might have been a blessing in disguise that the birth was premature. Our little boy was breech, & there were multiple obstacles throughout his entire delivery. There were 13 nurses/doctors in the delivery room in preparation for an emergency delivery. All of the nurses/doctors were amazing. Now we get to spoil/snuggle our babies all day since they are finally home“.

How lovely that all is well now.

Images via Facebook