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Hilarious Results After Searching For "Mini Jacuzzi" On Amazon Prime


A screenshot showing hilarious results after searching for "mini jacuzzi" on Amazon Prime poked the reddit community's humor. The user of the mentioned social news aggregation and discussion website known as u/sillyprilly posted in their newsfeed where it reads: "I just wanted a small jacuzzi to put in my backyard... but instead I learned that not only do these exist but they are frequently searched for."

The posts accumulated 105 upvotes and 19 comments. For those who are not aware of this website, an upvote is a way for users of the website Reddit to show that they like or agree with a post. This icon moves a post closer to the top of the site and shows how many people agree with the content in that post.

The item the user is searching for is a mini jacuzzi, a brand of hot tub, which is a man-made tub or small pool filled with heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, massage, or hydrotherapy.

Mini Jacuzzi For Testicles

An item showing a 14k-gold plated tub
An item showing a 14k-gold plated tub

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/hilarious-results-after-searching-for-mini-jacuzzi-on-amazon-prime/ by Dr. Felix Chaosphere on 2022-10-25T01:05:05.299Z

After a hard day at the office, nothing beats unwinding in the comfort of a hot jacuzzi. It's a calming process for the mind and soul, but sometimes you just want the benefits concentrated in one spot, like your balls. The good news is that the modern Testicuzzi lets you enjoy the soothing heat of a hot tub soak and spa treatment for your privates alone.

You can delicately dip your nuts into the tiny hand-held jetted tub while enjoying the soft caress of a steady stream. Users also like the ultra-soft silicone penis perch, the curved rim, and the two sack-sized basins on the inside.

The battery-operated Testicuzzi pumps out a soft stream of bubbling sounds while emitting a warm flow of soothing air bubbles for muscle relaxation. Reports say that the Tesitcuzzi may help relieve stress and strain on the key body part in a way that is similar to other ways to relax and stimulate muscles. Cycling, roughhousing, and other sports where you might get hit in the balls necessitate a product that helps relieve tension, and this could be it.

No one knows yet if it has any real benefits, but that hasn't stopped people from supporting the ball-tub. There are three different kinds: a black tub, a white tub, and a 14k-gold plated tub for those who want a more luxurious testicular experience. The white and black versions cost $69.69 each, but the 14k gold-plated version costs a cool $10,000.

Introducing Testicuzzi


People Also Ask

How Long Should You Stay In A Jacuzzi?

The best amount of time to spend in a hot tub is between 15 and 30 minutes. Depending on things like the temperature of the water, you might be able to soak for up to 45 minutes. Don't forget that you can always get back in your hot tub later.

Are Hot Tubs Good For Your Balls?

According to research, using hot tubs and saunas on a regular basis can cause heat stress, which can harm sperm. A study done in 2016 found that putting the testicles in a hot bath for 30 minutes stopped them from making sperm, killed sperm cells, and damaged their DNA.

How Do You Use A Testicle In A Jacuzzi?

To use the Testicuzzi, simply fill it with warm water, insert your balls, and turn it on. Then it will start to blow bubbles under your balls, taking away any pain that has built up there during the day.

Final Thoughts

The user couldn't hide the funny thing that happened. U/sillyprilly showed in the screenshot that he was looking for a "mini jacuzzi" using Amazon prime. Amazon Prime is a paid service from Amazon that gives users access to extra services that other Amazon customers can't get or can only get for a higher price. On Amazon, the user gives members access to discounts, special shopping and entertainment options, and more. If you're the one looking for this item, you'll definitely laugh and want to tell others about it.

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