Hilarious Viral Clip Of Man Trying To Get Dressed Will Make You Despair

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Uncategorised
Published 11.02.19
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It’s difficult for me to relate to this article but by golly I’m going to try.

This might alienate some of our American audience (hey, dudes!) but when I used to play football – sorry, soccer – as a kid, the coaches would hand out these disgustingly smelly bibs to put on.

They’re like a light mesh material and you’re supposed to slip them on over your head. Could I find that head hole? Could I balls.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out famous football – soccer – player Mario Balotelli having the same issue.

See, impossible.

Anyway, a similarly distressing video has gone viral which sees a very intoxicated man trying to put on what he thinks is a sweatshirt, only it’s actually a pair of tracksuit bottoms.

His state of bewilderment and confusion is something to marvel at:

It’s so painful to watch. Also I have no idea what language they are speaking (Polish?) but essentially what they’re saying is: ‘Dave you f*cking eejit, we told you not to have that eighth can and now look at the state of you. You’re literally putting your pants on your head.’

Or something like that.

As I say, the video has gone viral on Twitter, racking up over 8.65m views. It’s safe to say people are enjoying it:

Legend has it that Dave is still trying to get those pants on his head.

Alcohol, ey.

Makes you do some crrrraaaazy things.

Images via Twitter/YouTube

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