Hindu Man Demands Supermarket Pays For Him To Be Purified In India After Selling Him Beef

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 11.03.19
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When I was in school, I had a Muslim friend who accidentally ate a Peperami during lunch.

He panicked and called his dad, asking what to do because he’d just eaten pork and his dad went “honestly, you may as well finish it,” so he did.

It was a nice end to the mild peril and we then went to play football.

Many religions have dietary requirements, which some of their followers take more or less seriously than others, but one man, Jaswinder Paul, appears to take his very seriously.

As a Hindu man, Paul can’t consume beef, but due to a mistake with his local supermarket, he ended up doing just that.

Having bought what he was led to believe was lamb from the packaging, Paul cooked and ate what transpired to be beef.

With that, he’s now saying that he needs to go to India to be purified by priests, and says that the New Zealand supermarket chain Countdown should cover the costs.

According to my religion, I have to go back to my country and do sacred things for four to six weeks, and be purified by priests, so I can continue on my religious path. It’s a long process.

Jawsinder owns a small barbers, and would have to close that when he was on his religious journey. He needs the cash to cover his income, as well as that to afford flights, accommodation and food.

A spokesperson for Countdown told Stuff.co.nz:

Unfortunately, in September last year, an error with our in-store labelling resulted in a pack of our beef mince being sold with both beef and lamb labels, which was incorrect and obviously very confusing.

We’re deeply sorry that this happened. We very much appreciate and respect Mr Paul’s beliefs and certainly there was no intent to incorrectly label the product.

Countdown offered Paul an apology and a $200 gift card as a good gesture, but he turned both down, saying that he may go to courts to receive proper compensation.

I understand this looks like a simple matter, but for me this is very hard. I break my religion [vows] because of someone else’s negligence. I know my society back from my home will not accept me with this breach of the religion’s conditions.

Jawsinder is saying that his family aren’t talking to him now due to the incident and “just wants to go home”.

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