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History Of Video Games: Which Were The First Of Them

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The First Video Games: What Were They Like?

Old video games are available to users. These are their electronic variants that require contact with the user interface when launched. A keyboard or joystick can be used. The definition is available at Wiki. There is terminology, genre descriptions, and community impact information.

History of Computer Game Development

Nowadays, computer games are liked by schoolchildren, students, and adults. The latter include artists, engineers, politicians, and businessmen. Pong is an arcade machine that is considered the ancestor of games. Before its emergence, an experiment was conducted, which took more than 20 years.
The table has information about the old slot machines from the top 5. In addition to the name, the year of release is indicated.
Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device1948
Bertie the Brain1950
Noughts and Crosses1952
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We can briefly discuss each game out of the five listed. Readers should find out information about the reasons for their former popularity.

Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device

The patent for the invention of the electronic game was obtained by Estle Ray Mann and Thomas Goldsmith, who worked with radar during World WarII. Its issuance dates back to 1948. It contains a description according to which the monitor can be built into a cabinet. The task of the players is to control the missiles.
When launching shells, users had to adjust the trajectory of the flight. The goal was to hit the targets. Unfortunately, only one machine was assembled. The development did not spark interest among potential users.


The chess program was developed by two people - David Champernoff and Alan Turing. The computer did not have enough power. Each step took 30 minutes. It was proof that a machine could play against a man.

Bertie the Brain

It was developed by Joseph Case. The game was first shown at the Canadian National Exhibition. Visitors were invited to compete in terms of knowledge with the machine, which was four meters high. Before the game of each person, the machine required the appropriate setup.


The inventor was an Australian, John Bennett, who worked for a British company. His goal was to show the computational power of the computer. Another goal was to program the machine to perform complex tasks. After the fair was over, the company forgot about the computer.

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses was the first computer game that used a graphical interface. The developer was a Briton, Alexander Douglas, who had a Ph.D. The automaton was a supplement to his dissertation, which was devoted to the interaction between man and computer. A 35x16 pixel display was used. The game resembled "tic-tac-toe".

First Games on Slot Machines

In 1972, Atari was founded. Debney and Bushnell are believed to be its founders. It released more than 1,900 machines with the Pong game. It is one of the earliest arcade games, which has been classified as a household type since 1975.
  • Table tennis was simulated.
  • The ball moved along a linear trajectory.
  • It could hit the perimeter of the playing field.
  • It was hit with a player's racket.
Particular attention was paid to controlling the racket. A built-in handle was used, which rotated around the axis. To protect the goal, the players moved the rackets vertically. One of the users was given the ball at the beginning of the game. He passed it to his opponent after scoring one point.
To make it more difficult, the speed of the ball gradually increased over time. The top of the screen was not captured by the rackets. If the ball accidentally hit there, the victory was scored by the opponent. The round lasted no longer than four minutes.
Another product belongs to Taito, a development company. It appeared in 1978, the first stage was available only to residents of Japan. The game, which is remembered to this day, was called Space Invaders. Readers will be interested in three features.
  • It is necessary to control the laser gun.
  • At the bottom of the screen, it is set horizontally.
  • At the top of the screen, the aliens are looming.
To win, you must shoot off representatives of other worlds. Points are awarded for each hit. If one alien from another planet dies, the speed of the remaining aliens' increases. The tempo of the soundtrack also changes. If all the aliens are destroyed, a life point is given.
The manufacturer's second game is Asteroids. The year of release is 1979. The goal of players is to get the maximum number of points. They are awarded for the destruction of celestial bodies and flying saucers that appear on the screen in random places. It is necessary to avoid collisions with debris.
The player controls a spaceship that can move forward. The engine must remain on to advance. Due to its success among users, three more sequels appeared (in 1980, 1982, and 1987):
  • Asteroids Deluxe;
  • Space Duel;
  • Blasteroids.
Before 1980, three categories of games first appeared, which are still popular with users. These include:
  • shooters;
  • arcades;
  • quests.
The first group includes Maze War where events take place in a maze. After downloading SpaSim, the image of space appears on the screen. Quest fans still remember Colossal Cave Adventure, where a treasure cave is explored. The game was released in 1975 by the software developer William Crowder.


Information about old video games even appears on BBC news. In February 2022, the American game museum "The Strong" began collecting what was popular several decades ago. Visitors are shown Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., and Tetris. More modern versions include World of Warcraft.
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