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Holidaymakers Come Up With Crazy Overnight System To Make Sure They Get A Sunbed


Holidaymakers often face the challenge of securing sunbeds by the poolside during peak vacation seasons. In a bid to ensure they have a prime spot for sunbathing, holidaymakers come up with crazy overnight system to make sure they get a sunbed. This unique strategy involves reserving sunbeds in Majorca, Spain, using towels and personal belongings.

According to the sources, in resort area of Camp de Mar in Majorca, Spain, holidaymakers come up with crazy overnight system to make sure they get a sunbed. This system involves individuals placing towels and personal belongings on the sunbeds during the late hours of the night or early morning, effectively marking their territory for the day ahead. By doing so, they ensure their preferred sunbeds are reserved for their use.

The ingenious aspect of this system lies in the timing and strategy used by the holidaymakers. To secure a sunbed, these individuals arrive at the poolside before sunrise and lay their towels and belongings on their desired sunbeds. This early-bird approach enables them to secure the most coveted spots, as many other guests are still asleep or have yet to venture out to the pool area.

Holidaymaker Geoff told:

In an effort to control the sunbed madness, the door from the hotel to the pool area was kept locked until 8am. So people were lining their towels up on the floor in a queue order by the door before it opened. I must add this wasn't youngsters, but mostly elderly and middle-aged people.- Holidaymaker Geoff

The towel line actually went back much further (than the picture shows) and the owners were seated on the sofas just out of sight, ready to fly outside when the door was unlocked. I don't know what time they started, but we were up at 6.30am one morning to grab breakfast before an excursion, and there was already an established towel queue forming at the door. Crazy behaviour!- Holidaymaker Geoff

The absurdity of the situation becomes apparent when one realizes the extremes to which these holidaymakers go to secure sunbeds. Some of them reportedly set their alarms for the early hours of the morning, sacrificing sleep to be among the first to claim their spot by the poolside.

The competitiveness and determination displayed in this endeavor demonstrate just how coveted and sought-after sunbeds can be during peak holiday seasons.

While this overnight system may have been successful for those who implemented it, it has sparked a fair amount of controversy and debate among hotel guests and observers.


Holidaymakers come up with crazy overnight system to make sure they get a sunbed. The overnight system devised by holidaymakers to secure sunbeds in Majorca represents the creative lengths people are willing to go to ensure a prime spot by the poolside during peak vacation periods.

Although this strategy may have been effective for those who employed it, it has generated controversy and criticism due to concerns of fairness and equal access. As the tourism industry continues to evolve, hotels and resorts will likely need to develop new policies and practices to address the sunbed reservation issue, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all guests.

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