‘Home Alone’ Reboot Proves Hollywood Has Officially Given Up And Only Cares About Money

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Published 16.08.19

A reboot of Home Alone has been announced and in all honesty, no one is bothered.

For years now, Hollywood has been dishing out remakes, reboots and reruns of our favourite childhood in movies to try and grasp our interest. At first we loved reliving our childhoods, watching our old favourites (but now understanding the crude adult jokes that are slipped in) come alive in a new adventure.

But what do all these movies really show? Hollywood has given up. As children, we were gifted with a plethora of interesting and new movies such as Jurassic Park, SAW and Toy Story. As we’ve grown up, we’ve watched our childhood movies become diluted with boring, similar storylines and less than adequate acting skills.

But this isn’t new.

Hollywood has been trying to extract money from us for years, with sequels such as Star Wars coming back year after year, even though it was originally released in the 70’s. After Walt Disney Studios bought out the franchise, it was obvious that they were one of the main culprits for cashing in on something released in the past. Since being bought, Star Wars has made over $4 billion for them.

So what is this fixation with remaking/rebooting movies?

There’s only one answer: The dosh is incredible.

The Incredibles 2 brought in $1.2 billion in 2018 and Finding Dory didn’t do too bad either with another $1 billion two years previous. But let’s not give all the credit to Disney. In the horror world, we have witnessed 8 SAW movies, 5 Final Destination movies and eleven Halloween films.

We usually find that we no longer see films derived from books unless it’s evident that the book has done phenomenally well. We saw this with the classics such as Harry Potter, but also The Fault in our Stars and Paper Town by John Green.

A quick Google search will produce some fantastic novels which would make fantastic films. Netflix picked up on this and gave us BirdBox and 13 Reasons Why (which was ruined by you guessed it – a second series.)

There is a certain pattern where the book has to reach international fame before it is considered into being made into a blockbuster. We can clearly see the writers aren’t having a hard time writing a smashing storyline if it’s already been written.

When The Little Mermaid cast was first released they received a huge backlash on twitter as Ariel was being played by the beautiful Halle Berry. Many were annoyed that she didn’t fit in with their red haired, pale skin fantasy. Alongside this we saw names such has Harry Styles being thrown into the mix for prince Eric.

I mean, Home Alone was originally released in 1990. Macaulay Culkin is nearly 40, and has suffered with a drug addiction since releasing the film when he was just 10 years old. Not to mention Disney has made 4 Home Alone movies since the original, and none have really been overly successful. We all remember the weird, cringe skit he did in 2018 with Dryvrs about a crazy, middle aged Kevin McAllister that no one asked for.

Rising to fame in the 90’s staring in films like Richie Rich and My Girl, he was a child icon who quickly became a household name.

I would be lying obviously if I said I wasn’t excited to see some good boobytraps set up around an unrealistic sized house, however, Hollywood need to stop with this lazy and find the new Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

Let’s be honest, with a cast that includes such stardom as Beyonce, they were bound to grab peoples attention for the new Lion King. I would be lying if I said that watching the sun rise over those mountains and hearing James Earl Jones speak softly didn’t fill me with child like joy, but you bet i’ll be sat there trying to find something to be angry about.

Hollywood have fallen into a pit of remakes at the moment, with Home Alone just being the cherry on top of a long list of calculated, successful sequels. But are we bothered? Do we want it? No not really.

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