Horror Fans Are Saying ‘The Hole In The Ground’ Is The “Scariest Horror Film Of 2019”

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Published 02.12.19

Horror fans are calling The Hole in the Ground the “scariest horror film of 2019”

The film just landed on Netflix.


If you’re sick to death of cheesy AF Christmas flicks already and are looking for a little dark edge from your Netflix winter viewing, then look no further Irish horror flick, The Hole in the Ground. Mainly, ’cause some Netflix users are calling it the “scariest horror film of 2019” – or at least putting it up there with the best of the best. FYI, we kinda predicted this back in January.


2019: A year in horror

Not a bad accolade for a fairly unknown horror, considering the gems we’ve been gifted this year; It Chapter 2, Midsommar, Ready or Not, Us, Crawl and Eli all gained attention for the right reasons this year.

But we’ve had some sh*tters too, to be fair. I’m looking at you Velvet Buzzsaw (what the f*ck was that?), Annabelle Comes Home (enough now), Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (I had a great nap) and Pet Sematary (the cinematic equivalent of just punching Stephen King square in the face).

I produce an LGBT+ horror podcast, so being b*tchy about lacklustre horrors comes just so naturally to me…


The Hole in the Ground is being called one of 2019’s top horror films

The Hole in the Ground was actually released in March 2019, but found a brand new audience – and a whole host of new horror fans – once Netflix added it to its horror section in late November. The film is directed by Lee Cronin and stars Seána Kerslake, James Cosmo, Kati Outinen, Simone Kirby, Steve Wall and James Quinn Markey.


The filmmakers describe the horror movie as a “spiralling nightmare of paranoia & mistrust”. Here’s the official Netflix synopsis:

“After moving to a new town, a single mother becomes convinced that her son has been replaced by something from beneath the sinkhole behind their house.”

And the official trailer:


I mean first of all, most creepy AF horror films feature at least one particularly terrifying child (I find all children terrifying, tbh, so it’s a particularly impactful trope for me) and this film’s definitely got that, so it’s already got a head start in this year’s horror race.

Hole in the Ground FB



Horror fans are loving The Hole in the Ground

And the fans appear to be living for the film. Many have taken to Twitter to encourage other horror fans to give it a go:



“THE HOLE IN THE GROUND could be one of the scariest horror films of 2019”


I’m going to watch it tonight. I want to close off my 2019 horror flicks with a few guaranteed winners and I’ve got a feeling another Black Christmas remake just isn’t going to cut it. No pun intended. *eye roll*

Can we get more spontaneous horror releases in December please, Netflix? I can’t take another film where a middle class family learns to appreciate one another just in time for Christmas. 


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