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How Fears And Failures Cause 3am Worry And Disrupt Your Sleep


Get to knowhow fears and failures cause 3am worry and disrupt your sleep. When it comes to sleepless nights, we've all experienced endless stirring and groggy mornings.

Many of us have also reported intense worry over certain fears and failures in our lives, particularly in the early hours of the morning. But why does this happen?

Why You Wake Up at 3 am - The Science Behind Perpetual Anxiety

An expert has provided an explanation for the perpetual anxiety that haunts us in the early hours of the morning, putting an end to our confusion.

It's unpleasant to feel like we've just dozed off only to be suddenly awakened at 3 am by a deluge of anxious thoughts, including minor fears, perceived failures, or a compilation of cringe-worthy moments.

Many people have taken to social media in an attempt to decipher the origin of these strange 3 am thoughts and why they appear at that time.

Tweet of Rhys Nicholson about waking up at 3-4am
Tweet of Rhys Nicholson about waking up at 3-4am

In response to comedian Rhys Nicholson's query about waking up every morning at 3 or 4 am to mentally go through all their fears for 45 minutes before falling back asleep, a psychology expert with knowledge in mood, sleep, and the circadian system has finally clarified why this occurs.

According to Greg Murray, a psychology researcher with expertise in mood, sleep, and the circadian system, our neurobiology "reaches a turning point around 3 or 4 am."

This time of the night is characterized by a rise in core body temperature, a reduction in sleep drive, melatonin secretion, and an increase in levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, as our body "prepares to launch us into the day."

Murray explains that "around this time in the sleep cycle, we're at our lowest ebb physically and cognitively," and we lack social connections and other coping skills to deal with our worries.

As a result, we tend to catastrophize, exaggerating our difficulties and believing we are in a worse situation than we really are.

How to Stop Waking Up in the Middle of the Night- 6 Ways to Beat Insomnia Without Medication

Moreover, the expert highlights that trying to solve problems or worrying at 3 am is counterproductive. Instead, Murray suggests using coping techniques such as bringing attention to your senses, meditation and avoiding catastrophic thinking during the day.

It's essential to note that if you're experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, there are support services available. The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) offers confidential support and advice, and their national helpline is open from 5 pm to midnight, 365 days a year.


In conclusion, while it's common to experience anxiety in the early hours of the morning, understanding the science behind it can help us find ways to cope and improve our overall mental well-being.

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