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How Much Is A Galaxy Worth On Tiktok In 2023?


Have you ever watched the amazing Galaxyon a TikTok live feed and wondered how much the donor spent on the Galaxy gift? So, how much is a galaxy worth on Tiktok?

Fans are passionate about supporting the creator they adore and like. That occasionally implies paying for their effort, and other times it suggests giving.

While viewers cannot directly donate money to musicians in the virtual world, websites such as TikTok have identified ways for viewers to help musicians in accordance with the Gifts emphasis.

The popular and one of the most liked short-form video platforms TikTok is the home of a large number of content producers. However, only creators with more than 1,000 followers attempt live broadcasting.

To reward creators for their diligent work, TikTok implemented the Gift feature. Makers receive virtual gifts that may be traded for diamonds and turned into real money after being paid for by followers. TikTok occasionally provides new options to keep these gifts interesting.

Supporting a favorite TikTok video producer while watching a live stream is easy. Select the "Gift" icon next to the "Add Comment" section. On the other side, selecting the "Rose" sign will only deliver a rose and prevent consumers from selecting any other options.

Once the 'Gift' highlight has been selected, look through the many options at different prices. Some gifts are simple vector images, while others have inspiring and inventive effects.

The Galaxy offers viewers and content producers a beautiful depiction of the universe in exchange for a thousand pennies. A detailed answer to the question of how much is a galaxy worth on TikTok is given below.

What Does A Galaxy Gift On TikTok Cost?

With new users flocking to the app daily to keep up with the newest trends, TikTok may be the most well-liked social media platform available at the moment.

Similar to many other platforms, TikTok has a live feature that enables creators who meet certain requirements to broadcast to their fans. In addition to making donations through gifts, viewers can interact with the creator by leaving comments on the stream.

One of the numerous gifts you can give someone is the galaxy or the entire universe, with each gift costing a different number of TikTok coins. Here is the TikTok value of the galaxy gift.

Gifts in TikTok EXPLAINED!

TikTok's gift-giving system involves purchasing coins in order to send gifts to your favorite creators. For example, two pennies are equal to one diamond. Since a galactic gift costs 1,000 coins, it is a bit of a huge deal, but the conversion to dollars is simple enough to comprehend.

A galaxy gift is worth a total of $10-13. Just keep in mind that your favorite formidable forces only receive 50% of the cosmic gifts you send them.

TikTok as a platform retains the remaining 50% as a type of commission. You would have to send the powerhouse two different Galaxy presents if you wanted them to give you the whole $10.

The Best Way To Change Coins Into Dollars

Users who are purchasing coins for the first time probably need to know how much one thousand coins are worth in actual money. The user's choice of gift bundle ultimately determines how much the Galaxy gift will cost.

Currently, 65 coins are valued at $0.99, making 1,000 coins approximately $15.84. However, a larger pile of 1,321 coins may be purchased for $19.99, making the price of the gift $15.13.

There aren't many restrictions, despite the fact that different packs are offered at higher prices. These packets are used to instantly purchase more coins. Be prepared to pay a rough estimate because group prices can change at any time.

Despite not being the most expensive option, the Galaxy gift on TikTok is a popular one. A few items cost more than $400, similar to the Lion. The worth of anyone who invests that much in their live broadcasts will be recognized by content producers.

Additionally, TikTok places restrictions on users who are purchasing packs for the first time. Depending on the bundle, each group will integrate a prize amount of coins.

The fact that the inventors only receive 50% of the cost of the gifts is also relevant. If the sender wants to make sure the creator receives a certain amount of money, they must spend more.

Tiktok wallpaper next to a laptop
Tiktok wallpaper next to a laptop

How Else Does The Platform Pay TikTokers?

Joining the TikToker creator fund is another well-known way that TikTokers make money. No matter how many gifts one receives, whether they are diamonds or galaxies, the creator fund is unaffected.

Users are only paid by the creator fund based on how many views each of their videos receives. Many creator fund participants have reported profits of about four cents for every thousand views.

By agreeing to let brands manage their relationships with various companies or musical artists, TikTokers can also make money on the site.

People Also Ask

What Is A TikTok Galaxy Gift?

The value of a Galaxy gift on TikTok is a whopping 1,000 TikTok coins, which is roughly the equivalent of $10-13.50.

How Much Is A Universe Worth On TikTok?

Only available through TikTok's "Gifts" section, a TikTok Universe will set you back a staggering 34,999 Coins, or roughly $500.

How Much Does A Creator Get From A Galaxy?

The total value of a galaxy gift is 10-13 dollars. Remember that your favorite influencers only get to keep half of the donations you send them in the form of galaxy gifts. TikTok as a platform retains the remaining 50% as a type of commission.

How Much Is A Whale Worth On TikTok?

A gift of a whale would be equivalent to nearly 1,000 diamonds, or $53.75 in cash.

How Much Is A Lion Worth On TikTok?

One of the most costly gifts available on TikTok is a lion, which costs 29,999 coins. As a result, it's also uncommon to see them given as presents.


How much is a galaxy worth on Tiktok? The value of a Galaxy gift on TikTok is a whopping 1,000 TikTok coins, which is roughly the equivalent of $10-13.50.

TikTok Universes can only be purchased through the "Gifts" area of the app and will cost you back a whopping 34,999 Coins, which is equivalent to almost $500.

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