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How Much Is Pikachu Pokemon Card Worth?


If you are a Pikachu lover and love its cards, then you want to know how much is Pikachu pokemon card worth. Which card is the most expensive one and which is the rarest one? Well, here are all the details.

Since its 1998 introduction, the Pikachu Pokémon card has been uncommon. That isn't the highest point on a Pikachu card. And because of its distinction, many people see this as the best Pokemon card ever created.

How much is Pikachu pokemon card worth and what makes it so rare? There were only 39 copies total, 23 of which were PSA graded. When you consider that a PSA 7 went for $375k, however, one can only speculate as to what a PSA 8, 9, or even a single PSA 10 may fetch.

Rare Pikachu cards on a blue and light blue background
Rare Pikachu cards on a blue and light blue background

1995 Pokemon Pikachu Card Value

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The worth of a 1995 Pikachu ranges from $0.99 to $5,600.

How Much Is Pikachu's First Edition Worth?

Pikachu's first edition price range is $0.99-$895.00.

Priciest And Rare Pikachu Cards

  • Artist CoroCoro Comics Promotion (Pikachu illustrator card)
  • Shadowless Base Set for Charizard, First Edition.
  • Wizards of the Coast Galaxy Star holo Blastoise Presentation
  • Ishihara GX Promotion (Signed)
  • Trophy for the Kangaskhan Family Event.
  • Lugia Neo Genesis First Edition.

Ginza Japan Pikachu 24k Gold

God forbid, it's composed of 24 karat gold! But it's not surprising that this burgeoning collectible has had a six-fold increase in value in just five years considering the collaboration with Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka, a 20-day period before the time, and a retail value of $2,100. It's just wishful thinking, really.

Prism Pikachu Top Spun

The Japanese Topsun cards are a fascinating aspect of Pokemon history. Each Pokemon got its own card, and there were 150 in total. Of those, 16 had the refract holographic function that was described above.

It was unusual to find two bubblegum bits and two Pokemon cards in each box. But this is where the rarity comes into play: only one iridescent card was discovered in every 40 packs.

Can you imagine that in today's world? They were also quite challenging to execute, but we also included PSA 10 and the iconic Pikachu character. This card is one of the best and finest Pikachu cards ever created because only 14 PSA 10s are known to exist.

Pikachu card value? How much are these Pikachu cards worth?

People Also Ask

How Much Is Pikachu Worth 2022?

Pikachu's 2022 McDonald's Promos Holo has a range of prices from $3.99 to $99.00.

How Do I Know If My Pikachu Card Is Worth Money?

Each Pokémon card has a little stamp indicating its rarity in the bottom right corner. As it does with the majority of collectibles, the rarity of the item plays a significant role in establishing its value. As a result, the more rare the marker on the card, the higher the price at auction.

Is Pikachu A Rare Card?

There are just 22 Pikachu sample cards known to exist, making them quite uncommon. The most recent sale that is recorded cost $12,500.


How much is Pikachu pokemon card worth? The drawing-filled card, which has artwork by Pikachu's illustrator Atsuko Nishida, was given away as a prize in the renowned CoroCoro Comic illustration competition. It is the rarest so far.

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