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How Old Is Moana? Unveiling The Truth

The first question that comes to everyone's mind after watching Moana that how old is Moana when she did all of that fabulous stuff.

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The first question that comes to everyone's mind after watching Moana is how old is Moanawhen she did all of that fabulous stuff.
But there are some other most asked questions too like how old is Maui from Moana, when is Moana's birthday, or how old is Moana's grandma. We will also answer these questions in this article. Read on!
Moana wearing a flower band and sailing boat in the sea
Moana wearing a flower band and sailing boat in the sea
Beaches, an animal sidekick rooster, a pig, a demigod Maui performed by Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, coconut pirates, and a number of the maximum interesting, modern songs to return back from a Disney film, Moana is certainly considered one among our favorites.
Moana, voiced by Auli`i Cravalho, is the daughter of a chief and is propelled to save her people. Prompt by the love of her peaceful island, Moana sets to sail.
She is the latest addition to the Walt Disney Animation Studios pantheon of Disney princesses, making her range 12.
While there are hundreds of Disney characters, the princesses are a unique class. In addition to the twelfth princess, Moana is likewise the second Disney film essential woman of Polynesian descent; Lilo turned into the first. (From Lilo and Stitch, obviously.)
Moana wearing a flower band and standing in garden area
Moana wearing a flower band and standing in garden area

How Old Is Moana According To Analysis?

She is strong, independent, and courageous, however, there's one component the film doesn't train us about Moana, her age. It's no marvel that she`s coming near her overdue teens.
Moana is sixteen years old, but there is something different and chic about her. What is that? That is at the age of 16, Moana has a slim, muscular body that sets her apart from previous Disney princesses and heroines.
Her eyes are brown, her eyebrows are thick, her lips are brownish-pink, and she has long wavy black hair.
Moana usually turns her hair down and sporadically ties her hair to the top knots while sailing.
This truth is found out withinside the children's novel model of the film, Suzanne Francis; it`s really well worth an examination when you have more youthful children that need a brand new manner to revel in the Disney lively film.

Fun Fact

Auli'i Cravalho, Moana's voice actor, is the handiest actor to be more youthful than the princess they had been playing.
Cravalho was sixteen years old when the film got here out; what a party that should be. The actor could be 14-15 years old at the time of the recording.
AuliiCravalho, Hawaiian actress and Moana from disney movie
AuliiCravalho, Hawaiian actress and Moana from disney movie

Moana's Abilities And The Theory Behind Them

Sea Connections

Moana technically does not have the ability to bend water on its own but shares its own exclusive connection with the sea itself.
Sometimes the sea can help when needed. For example, when Maui leaves Moana with a boat and repeatedly throws her outboard, the sea returns her to her ship, getting wet and dripping.


Growing up on her island, Moana has gained an environment where she can use her strength and agility to cross her island.
She is physically dominant as Moana was seen running at a fast pace on the zipline without losing stamina, as seen in "forever".
She also has a natural talent for swimming and can stay in the water for quite some time for humans.
During a short period of time trapped in Maui's cave, Moana shows incredible leg strength, moving and throwing a demigod statue many times, and climbing through a small gap.
Moana also proved her ability to hold herself in the fightagainst Kacamora and overtake her various monsters.

Master Sailor

Inexperienced at first, Moana has always been drawn to the sea because of her ancestral heritage.
When she first set sail to cross the reef with Poor, her sailing skills left a lot of demand, and as a result, she was almost killed by a strong stream.
But she did it almost easily that same night, constantly learning a variety of necessities and tricks during her Maui adventure, eventually becoming a talented sailor and thus a master navigator.

How old is Moana in the movie?

People Also Ask

Is Moana The Oldest Princess?

No, she is not. She is only 16 years old.

How Old Is The Grandma In Moana?

After a while, Moana and Tui (Moana's father) were shocked to discoverthat Gramatara was dying. Gramma Tala is very old, and her life expectancy was not very long.

How Old Was Moana When She Became A Princess?

Like Moana and Mulan, The Little Mermaid Ariel, Sleeping Beauty Aurora, and Brave Merida are all 16 years old. Belle is 17 years old in Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel is 17 years old at the beginning of Tangled, but in the movie, she is 18 years old.


How old is Moana? I think now you have your answer to this most-asked question. Do you have any idea that Moana is that young?
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