If you’re searching for something to look forward to in the new year – stop searching as we’ve found just the thing for you.

Nicolas Cage is going to be hosting a new series on Netflix, called the History Of Swear Words. Prepare to brush up on your favourite profanities. He’s here to give you the low down on everything your mother told you not to say.

If you’ve always wanted to hear Nicolas Cage swearing liberally, this could be the show for you. If the trailer is anything to go buy you won’t want to miss this. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for January 5th when the show premiers.

There will be six 20-minute episodes to enjoy. Each episode will look at the origin and usage of some of our favourite offensive words. Cage will be joined by experts and historians to tell us all about the naughtiest words in the English language.

As well as expert opinion, Cage will be joined by special guests from the world of comedy. The line-up includes Nikki Glaser, Jim Jefferies, Nick Offerman, and Sarah Silverman.

This hopefully won’t be the last we see of Cage on our screens either, as earlier this year he agreed to play Joe Exotic in a new scripter series. As yet untitled, the new show is currently still in pre-production. We can’t wait to see him with the bleach blonde mullet.

Samuel L Jackson is the person most people think should host the show. Earlier in the year, a survey of the sweariest celebs was released, and Cage wasn’t in the top 10. Jonah Hill took the top spot, followed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel in third place.

It was apparently Cage’s idea for his character in The Rock not to swear back in 1996, choosing phrases such as “gee whizz” instead.

It seems 2020 has changed his mind, and who can blame him.

Will you be watching?

Images via Alamy