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How To Have Good Shower Sex - Top Tips For The Steamiest And Hottest Experience


Do you want to have some sexual fun? It's even better if you do it in the shower! Is having sex in the shower really so great, you may wonder?

Hells to the yes! You'll want more and more of it after you've made some sweet love to your lady in the restroom.

Sure, you'll have to recall a few safety precautions and may feel restricted in your motions or actions.

But, if you plan ahead and execute everything correctly, you'll be banging in the shower at least twice a week!

If you're thinking about giving it a try, here are some professional pointers on how to have good shower sex.

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What Should You Be Aware Of When It Comes To Shower Sex? The Basics

A Couple Having Passionate Sex
A Couple Having Passionate Sex

Shower sex is another fun way to spice up your sex life and rekindle the fire in your relationships.

Shower sex is a lot more intriguing and uncomplicated than portrayed, despite the fact that it seems painful at first.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to having sex in the shower; it all depends on your preferences and fucking habits.

However, there are certain general guidelines and pointers to follow that will make it more simpler and more enjoyable than regular bed sex.

Stick to my recommendations (and then tell your lady) and you'll be the shower sex master in no time!

Possible Difficulties Of Making Love In The Shower

A Couple Having Sex In The Shower
A Couple Having Sex In The Shower

The first and most unpleasant thing to discover about shower sex is that it is not completely safe.

It ruins the lubrication and condoms, resulting in unpleasant surprises or a ruined night. It's also possible that it won't be very comfortable.

You'll have to get accustomed to the jets of water dripping into your fucking eyes every few seconds. You'll grow accustomed to it, however.

One of the major disadvantages of having sex in the shower is that it is quite slippery. You might trip and injure yourself or your spouse.

But, thankfully, some clever individuals have devised some kind of protection, so you're in good hands.

Best Tips For Shower Sex

A Couple Making Love In The Shower
A Couple Making Love In The Shower

What's the best way to have sex in the shower without hurting anyone? What can you do to make it even more enjoyable and memorable?

Heck, I've got a great guide for you, so choose your favorites and head down there to have a good time!

Don′t Want An Unexpected Pregnancy? You Got It!

A Depiction Of Sex In The Shower
A Depiction Of Sex In The Shower

Condoms may break, and your girl may forget to take the morning after pills. Nonetheless, you want sex in the shower.

Why don't you try the backdoor? Sure, anal intercourse isn't for every female. But, let's face it, everyone here wants to muck it up and try something new.

Get a good lubricant (believe me, even in the shower, you need a good waterproof gel to make everything function).

Make sure your lady is ok with it if it's your first time. Make her a sensuous massage, show her some love (and lubrication), go slow, and you're done!

Simply persuade your daughter to relax her tits and put her confidence in you. You must have some idea what you're doing there, don't you?

How About Oral Sex In Shower?

A Depiction Of Shower Sex
A Depiction Of Shower Sex

Oral sex is one of the finest methods to have sex in the shower. You're clean and fresh, toasty and horny all at the same time.

For added comfort, make sure you both have something to lean or sit on. Use a stick-on mat on the wall as an option to ensure that you are both in a secure position. It's on now.

Diversify Shower Sex

A Woman About To Have Shower Sex
A Woman About To Have Shower Sex

Who says you can't play with your toys or roleplay in the shower? An Australian surfer seeking for some action with a sexy teacher has no better look.

Or, for that matter, Adam and Eve. Also, bring your toys! With a natural water lubrication and some heated activity, they'll be ideal.

Oh, and for the right mood and being a bit hornier than normal, don't forget some music and scented candles. Dude, what are you doing still on the couch?!

Don′t Forget About The Safety Measures

A Woman Preparing For Shower Sex
A Woman Preparing For Shower Sex

Shower sex should be done safely whenever possible. Make sure you have everything you'll need to be safe.

Anti-slip mats are your greatest allies in this situation. Even the bathroom walls might be too slippery at times.

You'll simply tumble if you don't put enough pressure. These stick-on mats are also excellent for sex against the wall.

Yes, make sure you aren't so inebriated that you can't stand still! It is possible that the repercussions will be unpleasant (not only right when you got in the bathroom but the morning after too).

Foreplay Also Works In The Shower!

A Woman Sexy In The Shower
A Woman Sexy In The Shower

I don't mean delighting your lover orally. Hand stuff is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the time in the shower.

Minimum movement and effort, no danger, maximum desire, and dirt. You may also use the restroom before or after intercourse.

If your spouse hasn't felt enough, for example. Or when someone jumps into the shower with you, whatever the case may be.

After all, there are millions of ways to semi-bang your spouse while remaining content! Simply choose your preferred method and continue to amaze your companions.

The Kinkiest Shower Sex Positions: The Top 5 Ideas

A Couple Happy During Intercourse
A Couple Happy During Intercourse

Are you looking for some steamy bathtub sex? You've got it! I chose a few of my favorites that would work for everybody and any size shower tub.

Take out a pen and start writing! Maybe you'll think of some weird shower sex ideas as well?

Standing Doggy-style

A Cartoon Depiction Of Doggy Style In Shower
A Cartoon Depiction Of Doggy Style In Shower

This is one of the greatest positions for shower sex. It's simple to do and doesn't take long. Furthermore, as is customary, the penetration level is rather high.

Allow your daughter to lean against the wall and bend her knees slightly so that you can have a good shot at the target.

It's completely secure since your partner has two solid barriers to lean against: you have the skid-free mat, and your companion has something to grab on to.

Simply relax and take in the breathtaking views and feelings! This position might potentially be used for anal sex.

Make sure to acquire a buttload (what up?) of waterproof lubricant if your lady is up for it.

The Lotus

A Depiction Of The Lotus Position
A Depiction Of The Lotus Position

In the shower, this is one of the prettiest sex positions. It'll be a hit with the ladies! This is a straightforward sitting posture that is both safe and personal.

Simply sit on the restroom floor with your girl's legs wrapped around your waist. Once she's finished, strike a lotus stance and start making out; the rest will fall into place.

It is comfortable and safe to sit against the wall or in the centre of the shower tub. Allow some foam to enter to have sex surrounded by a pleasant aroma and gentle "clouds".

It's also a nice way to have some fun with your partner while getting used to an odd sex situation.

The Hanging Garden

A Cartoon Depiction Of The Hanging Garden Position
A Cartoon Depiction Of The Hanging Garden Position

It reminds me a lot of the Lotus. But now you're standing, and your lover is encircling your back and waist.

Before you handle her business, you hold her up and have some intense makeout. Make sure your lady is comfortable and that both of you are standing solidly so that neither of you falls down. It happens to the best of us, man!

Woman On Top

A Depiction Of Woman On Top Position In The Shower
A Depiction Of Woman On Top Position In The Shower

Stretch your legs on the floor or on the shower bench (if you have one). Allow your spouse to do anything she wants with you - in whatever "woman on top" position she can think of.

She may sit next to you or against you and make whatever motions she wants. Simply go with the flow and enjoy the journey!

How WE have SHOWER sex! | Come Curious

People Also Ask

What Shower Sex Means?

Shower sex is the practice of practicing sexual acts while in a running shower, whether with a partner or alone and in a private location away from others.

Is Sex In The Shower Healthy?

People should be cautious of the dangers of sliding, falling, or drowning when in the water.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are more likely in those who have intercourse in water, as are vaginal irritation and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

How Do You Romance A Shower?

With These Suggestions, You Can Spice Up Your Shower Sex

  • Turn on the Aroma Candles. If you like the scent of lavender, eucalyptus, or rose-flavored scented candles and potpourri around your home, why not do the same in your bathroom?
  • Use a non-slip shower mat...
  • Waterproof lube...
  • Participate in an outercourse.

Is Sex In The Shower Common?

According to our findings, more than half of individuals (54%) have had intercourse in the shower, making it a hot experience.


A Depiction Of Steamy Sex
A Depiction Of Steamy Sex

Shower sex is ideal for those who want to learn more about their partners and get closer to them.

At first, this may seem to be demanding and challenging. However, if you make the necessary preparations and are in the right mood, sex in the shower is one of the best things you can do if you are bored at home.

Next time you're in the shower with your spouse, show her some action! She'll adore the change. Who wouldn't, after all?

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