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How To Masturbate With Lotion - Be A Pro And Feel The Pleasure Beyond The Limits

Men masturbate because they find it enjoyable. When their lover is away, they want to let that sexual tension out.

Men often engage in it, and it is secure for them. Others guys masturbate seldom, some often, and some never at all.

Many guys do it naturally, while others need lotion. But why do they need lotion while applying?

To make masturbation more exciting, men use lotion.

Men may ejaculate more easily because lotion makes the surface more slick.

It is noteworthy in comparison to just using bare hands because of the sensation of masturbating with lotion.

The penis of a guy might get dry and red without lotion.

I go into greater detail about the reasons why guys use lotion for masturbation below and how to masturbate with lotion.

Why Do Men Masturbate With Lotion?

A little lotion on the finger
A little lotion on the finger

Even if they don't reveal it, many guys masturbate.

To make it more intriguing, males apply lotion when they masturbate most often.

Most guys first began masturbating with their bare hands, and now they find it tedious and unpleasurable.

During masturbation, lotion might be thought of as your closest buddy.

Lotion application is beneficial. Men ejaculate more rapidly as a result of it making it more slick.

If you masturbate every day, masturbating without lotion takes time and may not be a good idea.

The excessive friction causes your penis to become dry and inflamed.

As long as you regularly masturbate, using just your bare hands is feasible.

What about the males who do it three times every day? It wouldn't make sense. With the lotion, friction may be lessened and it feels nicer.

Just keep in mind that since the penis is a delicate region, certain lotions might irritate your skin.

Additionally, I've heard that some people masturbate using their saliva.

That, in my view, would be a nuisance and maybe nasty. Men would choose lotion over saliva if you had to compare the two for comfort.

Men who are used to using lotion will find it uncomfortable to masturbate without it.

If you don't grasp it too firmly when you're first starting off, it could be nice without lotion.

However, in general, some would advise against applying lotion since they don't want to spend money on it. Your choice to apply lotion or not is a personal one.

How To Masturbate With Lotion

A man masturbating
A man masturbating
  • Find a natural or unscented lotion to use.
  • Apply the lotion to your hands after giving it a little squeeze.
  • Apply the lotion from your palms on your penis slowly.
  • Follow the standard masturbating protocol. You may experiment with various strokes.

How To Masturbate Professionally

A man reaching to his penis inside his underwear
A man reaching to his penis inside his underwear

Masturbation doesn't have to be this hurried, humiliating activity you do in a hidden bedroom recess.

Using a high-quality individual lubricant might make your masturbation much more effective and enjoyable, regardless of whether you're a guy or a woman.

Make Time For It

A clock
A clock

Contrary to what you may have seen on famous television programs and in motion pictures, masturbation doesn't have to be this quick and impolite activity you do in a hidden corner of your bedroom.

If you don't want it to be, the finish doesn't have to be a race.

The fact that the door is locked gives seclusion, which might enhance the atmosphere, but what you're doing isn't wrong or dishonorable.

Plan a moment when you can relax and take pleasure in the process of learning to masturbate.

Do not hurry. See what feels nice to you by paying attention to your body.

Locate the erogenous areas that are most effective for you.

Do you favor stimulation of the penis's head? the ground?

Everyone is unique, and each individual has distinct interests.

Finding out what you like can help you have healthier sex in the future by better preparing you for interpersonal sexual encounters.

Want another reason to take your time? Some individuals find that edging the process of approaching orgasm but halting just before it, and repeating this three or four times before finishing leads to more intense orgasms.

Allowing yourself to linger and relish your private session may make its conclusion more pleasurable, regardless of whether you edge or just find other ways to tease yourself.

Lube Is Your Best Friend

There's a strong possibility lubricant is absent from your life if you're asking how to masturbate better.

Long-term friction from your palm resting directly on your penis is not a pleasant sensation.

All sexual behaviors, from masturbation to intercourse, need the proper lubrication.

There is a persistent misconception that lotion is a common choice for a masturbation session when it comes to the best technique to masturbate, but lotion is not lubrication.

It's handy and simple to locate around the home, but it's not the best for masturbating.

Some scented lotions might actually irritate your penis since it is a very sensitive region (which is not fun).

Choose lubrication every time. If you can purchase or have access to lubrication, choose an unscented, water-based kind.

Itching or irritation may also be brought on by anything having "warming" ingredients or flavors.

It could be difficult in certain situations to find lubrication. If so, there are a few practical choices available in the home.

You may lubricate using 100% coconut oil or 100% aloe vera (this does not include sunburn lotion with aloe vera or similar products).

Vaseline may be utilized, but only for solitary sessions when applied externally; if used during coupled sex, it can rupture condoms and, if your partner has a vagina, it might cause infection.

It's generally preferable to ensure that everything you're utilizing is 100 percent pure.

Love Those Balls Of Yours

In your pursuit of climax, you may want to further explore your body, and that is excellent.

Pay attention to your balls. They have many nerve endings and are quite sensitive.

Try softly massaging them with one hand while continuing to massage your penis with the other.

You may even completely stop stroking and focus just on the balls.

Depending on your own inclination, you may apply different amounts of pressure to your bag.

During your subsequent masturbation, experiment with a few various approaches to find what suits you best.

Prostate Stimulation Is Unquestionably An Alternative

A man with a banana in hand
A man with a banana in hand

It's not necessary to limit masturbation to the penis.

A walnut-sized gland near the anus called your prostate may feel wonderful when stimulated.

Try using your fingers or a little butt plug by putting it into the anus after lubricating them.

Never insert anything into your anus that doesn't have a flared base (remember this!) Before inserting, be sure to move softly and relax the anus.

You'll get advantages from stimulating the anus entrance, which has around 4,000 more nerve endings than the tip of the penis, while pursuing the P-spot.

Be aware that it could be difficult to anally stimulate yourself while massaging your penis.

At least initially, it may be advisable to concentrate on one or the other.

And it's totally OK if you don't want to attempt prostate stimulation.

It's crucial to realize that everyone has different tastes for inducing orgasm while discussing the best approach to masturbate.

Some people find prostate stimulation to be agreeable, while others do not.

It is entirely up to you what to try and what to skip.

Include Additional Erogenous Areas

The penis (obviously), the scrotum, and the perineum are typical erogenous zones areas on a person with a penis that feel especially wonderful when touched.

Many individuals like having their hands placed on the perineum, often known as the taint, the nerve-rich area between the anus and the scrotum.

The perineum unfortunately doesn't receive as much attention given how penis-centric many masturbation suggestions and chats are, and outdated (and homophobic) notions about where you're "supposed to" excite yourself might prevent some individuals from feeling confident enough to fully explore their body.

However, if you so desire, it might be worthwhile to investigate this region to see if it may help you get more stimulated and achieve orgasm.

Additionally, it's acceptable if it doesn't! Simply move on for the time being and think about trying again later.

When experimenting with what feels right for you, it's crucial that you don't feel constrained.

The frenulum is one of the larger erogenous regions of the penis.

Try paying a little more attention to the area of skin on the underside of the penis where the shaft meets the head since it is densely populated with nerve endings.

It's also important to keep in mind that not all erogenous zones are going to be in this area of the body; the body is full with erogenous zones, and they often appear differently on various individuals.

These areas range from your inner thighs, nipples, and neck to your inner wrist and ears.

It's a good idea to explore other parts of your body that make you feel good during a masturbation session (and can make for more fulfilling partnered sex later on, too).

Try Various Postures

Who said that masturbation has to be done while seated? Try out various positions to not only mix things up, but to also increase your enjoyment and discover what suits you the best.

There are several choices available, including standing up, lying down, moving your hips forward, and elevating them with a cushion.

Add Some Gadgets To Your Arsenal

When learning how to masturbate, vibrators and sex toys may be a terrific way to step things up a notch and, just to be clear, they're not only for vaginas!

For a different experience, try a masturbation sleeve (but be sure to use a water-based lubrication with these!).

Alternatively, you may use a conventional vibrator and use it to rub your balls or shaft.

There are also gadgets designed exclusively for prostate stimulation if that's something you're interested in.

Worried about receiving items you ordered online delivered to your house? Afraid to enter one of those quaint, off-the-interstate adult superstores? (We won't say that we blame you.)

Vibrators and even cock rings are often available at pharmacies; look for them beside the lubricant and condoms.

Engage Your Fantasies

A man listening to music after masturbation
A man listening to music after masturbation

Of all, understanding how to jerk off is just one important aspect of masturbation; as important is knowing what to jerk off to.

Though clearly useful in this situation, masturbation is entirely feasible without porn.

While watching porn may be a natural, enjoyable, and healthy method to learn more about your attraction, one wonderful thing about masturbating alone is that you have complete control over the dream.

While viewing porn is passive, having a fantasy while masturbating allows your imagination to travel in the direction of your favorite things.

It may be really beneficial if and when you want to discuss your dreams with partners in the future.

It's another fantastic technique to discover what you're like.

(If you do decide to view porn, search for ethically produced choices and keep in mind that it is just a dream and not a representation of actual sex.)

Try It Out With A Friend Or Lover

Speaking of partners, you may consider masturbating with your significant other if you have one.

This is effective for both sexually active couples and those attempting to delay having penetrating sex for a while.

You two are able to experience extreme pleasure while physically being together thanks to this very exciting action.

Who knows, though? The hottest new task to cross off your to-do list could be reaching orgasm separately but together.

Keep In Mind That Masturbation Is A Beneficial Kind Of Self-care

You shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to partake in a healthy behavior like masturbation.

It allows you to discover your interests, let off steam, and learn more about your body. Furthermore, it is by no means "second best" to having sex with partners.

As vital as other forms of sex, having a good solitary sex life is also an important way to take care of yourself. So go ahead, stigma-free, and get started!

There Are Three Primary Types Of Lubricants For Sexual Activity Or Masturbation

A man smiling
A man smiling

Water-based Lube

The most extensively used lubricant, and often the most economical. suitable for use with all condoms and sex toys.

However, depending on the recipe and brand, it often has a fairly lengthy list of (potentially hazardous) ingredients and dries up quickly.

Silicone-based Lube

More rare and expensive varieties of sex lubes. suitable for use with condoms, but NOT with sex toys made of silicone.

Long-lasting and often considered as hypoallergenic.

Durable for a decent amount of time.

Since silicone lubricants do not dissolve in water, they may be applied simply in the bathtub or below the shower.

Oil-based Lube

Lubricants that moisturize the skin are often the most natural, safest alternative. Durable and appropriate for use with any sex objects; not for condoms.

It takes a while for it to go away from the skin, and if you're not careful, it may leave stains on your sheets.

Masturbation Lotion Is A Purchase That Men Make

A man with the phone in his hand and the other covering the private area
A man with the phone in his hand and the other covering the private area

Depending on the manufacturer, a masturbation lotion might be rather pricey.

Although all ejaculations may feel the same, the sensation of using a lotion is quite different, which is why some men pay money merely to have a lotion at their disposal.

If they aren't in a rush, individuals who used lotion while masturbating want to apply it constantly.

What Must A Man Do After A Lotion Masturbation?

A satisfied man after masturbation
A satisfied man after masturbation

Masturbating with lotion is significantly different from masturbating without since guys need to wipe off the lotion afterward so that it won't feel sticky on their underwear.

Or, since using lotion while masturbating is enjoyable, some guys might continue.

They could feel pressured to play one more round. Will the lotion be reapplied? It depends, really.

People Also Ask

How Often Should Men Masturbate?

This question doesn't have a right answer. There isn't a "normal" number of times a man should masturbate every day, every week, or every month.

The idea of normal varies depending on factors like age, libido, marital status, and others.

Can You Masturbate Too Much?

There are significant limitations to bear in mind despite some evidence connecting masturbation to relationship issues.

Why Do Men Masturbate?

It feels nice is perhaps the main motivation for most men to masturbate or engage in other types of sexual activity as an orgasm is often a highly gratifying experience.


Everything you're doing, if you want to have fun by yourself, you'll need a lubricant that can withstand whatever you put at it.

The lubricants on this list may aid you whether you desire a calm and private experience or a quickie that hurts your arm.

Please feel free to discard all of your Vaseline and other cheap creams.

Your life will improve if you start using a lubricant designed specifically for masturbation. You won't ever want to return.

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