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How To Orgasm Like A Pro And Have The Hottest Experience Of Your Life


One of the most common - and frustrating - issues for women is learning how to orgasm.

According to the Kinsey Institute, over 70% of women never or only sometimes orgasm during partnered sex.

For the 40% of women who do come during sex, continuous clitoral stimulation is required to achieve orgasm.

Because orgasm rarely occurs as a result of penetration, many women struggle to figure out how to orgasm.

It can be difficult to figure out what you're trying to "go for" if you've never had an orgasm before.

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A person must experience the seemingly opposing sensations of stimulation and relaxation in order to have orgasm. When they are aroused, many women find it difficult to remain relaxed.

Excited emotions can resemble anxiety, causing emotional stress and perhaps shutting down the pleasure experience. So, how can you master this enigmatic combination?

Mastering How To Orgasm: Masturbate!

A Woman Achieving Orgasm
A Woman Achieving Orgasm

There's no getting around it. Practice touching yourself in a variety of ways is the single most effective approach to learn how to orgasm. Create a private, relaxing environment. Hands should be warm and clean. Relax and play with your senses.

Some people like to use their fingers on their clits because it gives them more biofeedback because they can feel how their clit reacts to their fingers and vice versa.

Other women might have better luck with vibrators. Vibrators are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions.

Small vibrators known as "bullet" vibrators produce a faint, pleasant feeling. Others, such as the Magic Wand, are extremely powerful and thrummy.

Consider experimenting with a few different styles to discover which one you prefer. Your body will twitch or tighten in response to something you appreciate.

It's not a flinch, but rather a warm, seductive, feel-good clench. Go with the twitch or clench when you feel it.

Allow your muscles to clench even harder. Feel them contract and relax. This could be described as a warm sensation that extends from your buttocks to your perineum, vagina, and mound, and sometimes even your upper thighs.

This method of regulated contraction and relaxation will be useful. If you're having trouble relaxing after a clench, try breathing while releasing the clench and pushing out via your vaginal muscles.

Inhale when you contract and exhale when you relax, much like in yoga. Keep clenching and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles while increasing the delightful sensation (typically stroking/rubbing your clit or grinding up against whatever you're using).

Between the clenching and the stimulation you're providing to your clit, you should start to feel like you're in a type of echo chamber.

You have the option of lowering the intensity or increasing it (this is where a vibrator comes in handy).

To maximize the enjoyment, try caressing other regions of your body with your free hand, such as your breasts or ass.

Clenching and stimulation should both be increased. Increase the intensity of external stimulation (fingers/vibrator/etc.) and internal clenching to control it.

Continue to play until you hit a saturation point with this type of stimulation. It's natural to tense up a lot of muscles and reach for that tipping point when you feel it.

It reminds me of the high jump. You sprint and reach for the threshold, almost flinging yourself over it.

Give Yourself A Break

A Woman Touching Herself
A Woman Touching Herself

The emotional pressure to "perform" is one of the most significant obstacles to learning how to orgasm.

The more we care about the outcome, the more difficult it is to enjoy ourselves. So, rather than approaching climax as if it were a sprint to the finish line, allow yourself the time and space to simply experience sensation.

Play around with touch to see what feels good. Follow the road of your pleasure wherever it leads while learning how to orgasm.

Focus On Your Clitoris

A Woman About To Masturbate
A Woman About To Masturbate

The truth is that most people's conceptions of "sex" do not produce the sensations required for most women to orgasm.

Most women require sustained clitoral stimulation to come, and when intercourse is simply a penis entering a vaginal opening, the clitoris is frequently left out.

Even if you prefer penetration, caressing your clitoris is the finest way to approach climax.

Consider a toy like the Rabbit vibrator, which is both a dildo and a clitoral attachment together, if you don't want to give up the sensation of penetration at the same time.

Your clit does not have to be left out of the equation during Penis-Vagina intercourse.


A Woman On Climax
A Woman On Climax

The closer they reach to climax, many women have a tendency to clench and hold their breath. Your nerves require oxygen to function properly.

So, don't stop breathing. Deep belly breaths are a great method to keep your blood oxygenated while you're exploring sensation.

Take Your Time

A Woman Having Orsasm
A Woman Having Orsasm

Women's bodies require longer to warm up and prepare for sex than men's. This is simply a physiological fact.

The problem is that many of us feel pressure to “keep up” with our partners’ arousal patterns.

So when he's tough, we're under pressure to be ready for penetration as soon as possible.

Allow yourself time to relax and enjoy your pleasure. Don't push your arousal or allow your spouse to rush you.

The female orgasm (& how to make her come every time)

People Also Ask

Why Can't I Achieve An Orgasm?

Menopause, for example, might cause hormonal changes or issues. using certain medications, such as antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). having had gynaecological surgery in the past, such as a hysterectomy heart disease or multiple sclerosis are two examples of health disorders.

What An Orgasim Feels Like For A Woman?

It's like your body tumbling down a cliff into a puddle of tingling joy. It's a sensation of sexual release that you find yourself losing control over and letting go of because it's just too amazing. An earth-shattering female orgasm is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How Does A Man Know When He's About To Come?

The scrotum pushes closer to the body, and muscles all over the body tense up. Plateau This phase, which can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, prepares the male body for orgasm.

Involuntary bodily motions, particularly in the pelvis, begin to take over as muscle tension grows.

What Causes Woman's Orgasm?

Orgasm can be induced by clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation (including the G-spot), or stimulation of the breasts or other erogenous zones, among other sensory pathways. Male orgasm is the most similar to clitoral orgasm.


A Woman Happy After Orgasm
A Woman Happy After Orgasm

Most men have no trouble orgasming simply by penetrating. As a result, women are frequently expected to respond in kind with earth-shattering orgasms minutes after entrance.

However, most women do not work in this manner. Discuss with your lover what you require from him in order to attain your ecstatic condition.

Tell us about your masturbation experiences. There's probably a lot of foreplay, cunnilingus, dirty language, and clitoral touch involved.

Encourage your companion to extend his skill set if he isn't sure in his abilities so you can both have a good time.

Remember, if you're having trouble reaching orgasm or learning how to orgasm, you're not broken.

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