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How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram?


You've come to the right place if you're trying to figure out how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

Instagram takes user privacy seriously and offers security options that let users communicate with one another privately. Prior to followers being able to see your Instagram activity, private accounts must approve the following request.

If your account is public, Instagram will immediately notify you via message of who has recently followed you and viewed your page.

How Can I Find My Instagram Followers?

Is it possible to check how to view Instagram users who have lately followed you without using a third-party app? The following description contains the solution.

If you've used Instagram for some time, you're probably already aware that the program's followers list is arranged in reverse chronological order.

It makes it possible to see who someone recently followed on Instagram, for instance, starting with the most recent followers and working backward.

The followers who have been following you the most lately will be listed at the top of the user's followers list when someone has recently followed your Instagram account. In other words, the following sequence is determined by the timing of followers' actions.

How To Find Recently Followed Accounts On Instagram

The program has, however, made a few changes to the parameters for list order. You won't be able to see your Instagram followers in chronological order starting in June 2021.

Now, because that is Instagram's default option on another device, if you wish to check if another Instagram account has the same follower list, you will see that your followers are listed in a different order.

There are still ways to find out how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram without using a third-party app, even though the above will continue to work until a new update is made.

How Can I Find Out Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram?

Let's find out in the material below how to use this section to learn who someone recently followed on Instagram without using a third-party program. To view the newest Instagram followers, visit the follower's Instagram page.

You can view your Instagram followers in chronological order by selecting the list of followers, with the most recent followers appearing at the top of the list. You occasionally need to make sure that the most recent followers are displayed at the end of the list.

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram is explained in the steps below:

  • Open the official Instagram website on your desktop or laptop. If you're using a mobile device, you must enable the Desktop View.
  • To access your account, enter your username and password.
  • Open the follower's profile by typing the follower's username into the search field.
  • Select the Followers option by clicking the Following button in the middle of the profile.
  • Sort the most recent followers by date. You'll observe that the top follower list starts with the first follower.

You can choose to follow their accounts and include them in your list of followers if you want to learn more about the people that follow you.

You can choose the username of the follower you wish to include in your list of followers after looking through your list of children, friends, or family. Once more, you will see their profile in person.

You may examine information such as bios, previous posts, individuals they follow, how many followers they have, and more if the account is public. If not, you'll simply read their biographies.

How To See Someone's Recent Followers On Instagram (2022) [iOS & Android]

How To Find Out Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram Using A Free App?

Try IGExport to continue if you want to learn how to use a free third app to find out who someone just followed on Instagram.

You can use the Chrome extension tool IGExport to view someone's most recent followers. To utilize IGExport, adhere to these steps:

  • Open a new tab in your Chrome browser and type IGExport into the address box.
  • To enter the Chrome Webstore, choose the first search result for IGExport.
  • On the page's upper right corner, click Add to Chrome.
  • Add the IGExport browser extension by clicking the Add extension button.
  • In the Chrome toolbar, click the Extensions (puzzle piece) icon.
  • To add the IGExport extension to the taskbar, find it in the dropdown menu and click the Pin button.
  • Log into your Instagram account to see who has recently started following you.
  • Copy the username and paste it into the appropriate field on the IGExport extension in the taskbar.
  • To retrieve the following list, click the Following and then the Export Following option.

People Also Ask

How Do You See Someones Recent Followers On Instagram?

Use the search field to look up the person's Instagram username, or use your feed or lists to find their profile. Visit your Instagram profile. To see a list of the user's followers, tap the Followers button.

How To See Who My Boyfriend Recently Followed On Instagram?

To discoverif they list any of the accounts they follow, you can also look at the bio section of their page. Then, attempt to check whether any of the accounts they follow are new by browsing through their follower list if you can locate it. If all else fails, leave a comment asking for an addition, then watch for them to approve it.

How To See Who Someone Is Following On Instagram If Private?

Unfortunately, there is no program or hack that can reliably display the followers' list of a private Instagram account. Sending a follow request and waiting for an acceptance is the only real way to learn who is following a private account.

How Can I See Who I Recently Followed?

When you tap the arrow, a "Sort by" menu ought to appear. Choose the Date followed: the latest option from this selection. Your following list will automatically sort itself so that the most recent accounts you've followed are at the front.

How To See Who You Follow On Instagram That Doesn't Follow You Back?

In the left navigation menu, select "Users." Then select "Following." All of the users you are presently following are shown by this action. Then select "Not Followers." This action makes a list of the people who haven't followed you back in public.


Are you interested in who your Instagram friend is following? Would you like to see his most recent followers? There are two ways how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram. Try them and let us know.

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