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How To Talk Dirty - Tips And Tricks To Turn Your Partner On Like Never Before


Learning how to talk dirtyis a great way to spice up any sexgame. While many people enjoy hearing it, mastering the art of dirty language is a much more difficult task.

When attempting to concoct a story that will make their partner groan, many people can feel embarrassed, stupid, or just overwhelmed.

The good newsis that learning how to talk dirty in bed is actually rather simple. While it may appear that you must create a whole story with characters and complex settings, the majority of people prefer to hear something much simpler.

You Don’t Have To Be Explicit

A Cartoon Depicting Dirty Talk
A Cartoon Depicting Dirty Talk

It's easy to assume that dirty language consists solely of vulgarities, but this isn't always the case - the "dirt" is in the subtleties.

Do you find yourself at a loss for words? Start by explaining how your spouse makes you feel - just stating that they turn you on is a good place to start.

Alternatively, you may ask them what they want you to do to them or describe what you want them to do to you.

Even a little encouragement, such as "I adore it when you..." or "I can't get enough of...", can help.

Moans, heavy breathing, and an enthusiastic "yes" can all help if all else fails and you can't bring yourself to say particular words.

Be Yourself

A Couple Dirty Talking
A Couple Dirty Talking

There are many lists online with suggested phrases for using during sex to increase the dirty conversation.

Apart from the fact that you might have stage fright and forget them in the heat of the moment, if such sentences appear forced or artificial, they're not likely to be sexy.

Instead, come up with a method to say it that makes you feel a little more like yourself. Start with a few slightly filthy things and work your way up to your ideal level of filthiness.

It normally takes a little practice to get confidence in anything worth performing well.

Create Anticipation

A Man Dirty Talking Why Having Sex
A Man Dirty Talking Why Having Sex

The anticipation of what's to follow is part of the pleasure of talking nasty. So, before you do something, tell your partner exactly what you're about to do.

This helps to build up sexual tension. And it can begin long before you enter the bedroom - for example, while you're out together at an event, riding on the subway, or doing the laundry, whisper your wicked ideas in their ear.

They'll be progressively turned on until you make good on your promise because you'll have them thinking about it from that point forward. Essentially, you'll be commencing foreplay a long time in advance.

Think Of Yourself As A Narrator

A Man Talking Dirty To Her Lover
A Man Talking Dirty To Her Lover

If you're at a loss for words, there's a simple solution. Begin by describing your actions on your partner's body and how they make you feel.

That doesn't mean you have to go full-on David Attenborough nature documentary (though if roleplaying is your thing...) however, it provides you with some stuff to work with until you feel more confident in creating your own original material.

Returning to a period in the past when you and your lover had a really sexy encounter is another great source of inspiration.

Retracing history and embellishing where you see fit can be just as entertaining as other forms of nasty talk.

Reading Is Sexy

A Woman Dirty Talking To Her Lover
A Woman Dirty Talking To Her Lover

Dirty discourse abounds in erotic fiction. Reading a few extra-filthy passages from an erotic novel aloud can not only be enjoyable (who knew there were so many euphemisms for penis? ), but it can also help you become more comfortable with talking dirty without feeling condemned.

It's like having training wheels until you're ready to discard the book and take off on your own.

It’s All About The Delivery

A Woman Talking Dirty On Her Man's Ear
A Woman Talking Dirty On Her Man's Ear

It's not just what you say, but how you say it, that's one of the secrets of great dirty talk. Is there a foolproof way to make anything sound more seductive?

Things's best to keep it quiet. To develop anticipation, keep your voice low and your delivery slow (without sounding like you're trying to emulate someone).

This also helps if you're still shy, because whispering something is frequently simpler than saying it out loud (not to mention the fact that apartment walls can be pretty damn thin).

Test The Waters

A Woman Talking Dirty To Another Woman
A Woman Talking Dirty To Another Woman

If you're not sure if your partner will enjoy dirty chat, try it out once or twice during sex to see how they react - you might be surprised.

You may also ease into it by sending them provocative text messages or naughty love notes, which you can stow away in their pocket or bag for them to find later.

If you get a positive reaction, you can take things a step further and bring the dirty banter into the bedroom.

Keep in mind that everyone reacts to words differently, so although one word may be a huge turn-on for one person, it may be jarring for another.

Take attention of how your spouse reacts to what you're saying and use that information to direct your conversation.

How to Talk Dirty (Dirty Talk Formula) | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

People Also Ask

Does Dirty Talking Turn You On?

According to a new study, one in every five adults has stopped having sex because of the nasty words. The correct erotic conversation with their companion stimulated 90% of the participants. The erogenous zones of the brain, the hypothalamus and amygdala, are activated by dirty conversation.

How Do You Talk Dirty When Your Shy?

It's not a performance, so relax. Sex is vulnerable, and it may bring all of our vulnerabilities to the surface at once.

  • Be true to yourself...
  • Consider sensual ideas....
  • Concentrate on your companion...
  • ...Ask them questions.
  • Tell her what you're looking for...
  • Reminisce with one another.
  • Act out a fantasy.

How Do You Initiate Dirty Talk With A Guy?

I'm picturing what it would be like if you were here with me right now..., I got new pants..., My legs are missing you in between them!, Last night, I had a wicked dream, and guess who was in it?, Have I told you how hot it feels when you're on top of me?

How Do U Start A Dirty Talk?

  • Describe what you're doing in simple terms....
  • Prepare some phrases...
  • Work your way up the rauchiness food chain.
  • Define what is and is not permissible.
  • Together, they read erotica...
  • Play a role.


A Woman Biting Her Lips
A Woman Biting Her Lips

With more intricate fantasies like these, it's a good idea to set the limits before you start the sex play so you know exactly what you're getting into.

Decide on the roles, the setting, and what interests you both so you can immerse yourself in that world.

Don't be concerned about being too descriptive. The main thing is to utilize broad strokes, and your partner can fill in the rest with their imagination.

Remember that the easiest method to learn how to talk nasty is to begin with the basics. The majority of nasty discussion should be kept short and uncomplicated.

However, if you want to progress to more complicated fantasies, you now have a guide on how to speak nasty!

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