Huge Python Attacks Its Owner Before Nearly Escaping

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 28.05.20

Viral footage has shown the shocking moment a pet python attacked its owner and tried to escape, which is indicative of snakes. The pricks.

Snakes aren’t to be trusted. They’re just angry ropes. No time for them whatsoever and anyone who says they’re important for a balanced ecosystem can shut up.

Now, I don’t necessarily begrudge an animal for trying to escape the shackles of bondage and I suppose I would try to do the same if I was in that position and had the immutable powers of a pet python, but snakes are still wankers and I hate them.

Look at the state of this. It’s like someone took someone’s tacky belt, inflated it and then showed this article and told it that woman wrote it.

The video shows a woman taking her pet python out of a glass enclosure, which it doesn’t seem too overly pleased about, and then shows it bite her and wraps around her arm. The woman is clearly distressed about this development and so is her friend in the room.

This doesn’t stop him filming, of course. You can send that video into You’ve Been Framed and get £250 as well as a wacky narration from Harry Hill. What’s not to want?

I think we can all agree that that woman is dead now, right?

At the hands of a jumped up hosepipe.

I really cannot be doing with those cretinous, limbless lizards. I think my issue is with reptiles really. Every now and then I see a lizard that I think is bit of a laugh, but snakes, crocodiles, the queen and snapping turtles.

Not a fan.

They just have no personality except for being built for survival. Mammals love to dance and shag and have a laugh, but snakes just eat things, bite things that get too close and then die. I hate them.

I hate them so much and the only people who like them are psychos.

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