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I Did It All - A Song That Will Revive Your Trust In Yourself


I did it allis the famous line of the song "I Lived" by OneRepublic. This is not just an ordinary line and this is not just a song, it has a different purpose and a different meaning.

When you will listen to this song, you will find that it's each line is written for you. Someone is praising you. Someone is appreciating you. And that someone is actually "YOU", yourself.

Why?? Because you are telling yourself your hardships. You are acknowledging yourself. Because that is the most necessary thing. You should have confidence in yourself. Always!

I Lived song by OneRepublic VEVO poster
I Lived song by OneRepublic VEVO poster

I Did It All Meaning

You will think I am exaggerating it. Let me share my favorite lines from this song. Actually, the whole song is my favorite but these lines have something more. There is something special about I DID IT ALL.

I, I did it all

I, I did it all

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places, the things that I did

With every broken bone, I swear I lived

I may take this too seriously, but it sounds like I've experienced the ups and downs of life and survived all the fractures.

If you are protected for the rest of your life, you can't do everything, and you have to get out of this shelter, so you can achieve something bigger. You need to be prepared for joy as well as pain and heart breakdown because this is life.

A heart broken into halves
A heart broken into halves

Hope that you fall in love

And it hurts so bad

The only way you can know

Is give it all you have

And I hope that you don't suffer

But take the pain

This means you have to be prepared to lose the love of your life or something/someone very important. Overcoming the depths of life is really important. If you don't, you can't say:

I, I did it all

I, I did it all

I owned every second

With every broken bone

I swear I lived

This song has overcome me a lot. I am able to say, "I lived".

One Republic Song "I Lived" Lyrics Meaning

I Lived is an inspirational track actually written by OneRepublic member Ryan Tedder for his four-year-old son (Copeland Cruz).

In it, Ryan encourages him to "own every second" for his talent, based on his own outlook on life.

Hope when you take that jump

You don't fear the fall

Hope when the water rises

You built a wall

Hope when the crowd screams out

It's screaming your name

Hope if everybody runs

You choose to stay

Simply put, the singer advises the recipient to live his life to the fullest.

And Ryan has a formula for that, emphasizing the most important principle he wants his son to live.

  • First, he approaches his life without fear.
  • Second, he challenges the challenges that may come up.
  • And third, of course, he succeeds.

And he also encourages him to actually strive to see "many places" as much as during his trip.

It Is Well With My Soul text on a blue background
It Is Well With My Soul text on a blue background

Again, Tedder's main goal to outline these ideas is that those who actually accept them can see their lives without regrets if they stick to them.

They would have done "anything" basically equivalent to achieving their dreams. They worked hard, tried every night and they were determined on their goal.

I think the father tells his son the wonders of life and explains the true meaning of living the moment he challenges himself!

The father teaches his son all the mistakeshe made in his life and all the things he encountered, good, bad, and even ugly.

He expresses everything he knows and wants him to have a wonderful life as he did.

It's about finding your inner admiration.

Find the truth of your existence!

Find true passion in your life.

Know the difference between true happiness and excitement.

Fall in love and treat yourself like a princess/prince!

OneRepublic - I Lived (Official Music Video)

People Also Ask

What Genre Is I Lived By OneRepublic?

The genre of "I Lived" by OneRepublic is Alternative/Indie, Dance/Electronic, and Pop.

What Movie Is The Song I Lived By OneRepublic In?

The song "I Lived" By OneRepublic was played in the movie "The Giver".

Who Is The Boy In I Lived Music Video?

The video shows 15-year-old Bryan Warnecke in Colorado suffering from cystic fibrosis.


There are obstacles, pains, and sufferings in life, and these aspects define your personality. So when things get tougher, don't give up and keep moving forward. And at last say, "I did it all" after achieving your dream.

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