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I Have No Sex Drive And My Husband Is Mad - What You Should Know


If you have been married for a long time, how often do you make love? Nowadays, numerous married couples, particularly wives, have said: "I have no sex drive and my husband is mad." This shows a decrease in sexual drives and is a common problem for married couples.

Why is your wife uninterested in sex and what should you do if this happens? If you keep reading this article, you'll find the answer to that question.

Why Do Men Get Infuriated When They Don't Have Sex?

A frustrated husband sits in bed with his wife on his back
A frustrated husband sits in bed with his wife on his back

Why do men get infuriated when they don't have sex? Some men are upset when they don't have sex for a variety of reasons. It could be something as simple as a bruised ego, or it could be something more serious. For men, having sex with their wives is an expression of love and a sense of being loved.

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This is when they feel the closest to their wife, the most loved by her, and the most loved for her. So, refusing to have sex is a rejection of them and their love. In fact, in the conducted survey, one of the reasons for men's anger after being told that a woman does not want to have sex with them is embarrassment.

Why Does Your Wife Lack Sex Drive?

Women's emotions are often more sensitive and easily affected by stress. If your wife lacks sexual drive, maybe she had some trouble in mind, like worry, a fight between the kids, a sick child, or a harsh word from the others. Also, if she works too much or her menstrual cycle affects her, it could make it hard to have a good time with her husband.

In addition, your partner may be having problems with low libido. It's annoying, but it's not the worst thing that could happen. There are many things that could cause sexual urges to slow down, such as illness, mental health problems, or just plain old stress.

There could also be trouble in the relationship. So, it's a good idea to make a list to find problems that could help the relationship get better. Instead of being angry with your wife, be considerate of her feelings and mood.

Benefits Of Sex In Relationships

Sex: 10 unexpected benefits for your health

Magon and Kalra conducted a research project which is entitled "The orgasmic history of oxytocin: Love, lust, and labor." They discovered that, aside from the individual benefits for you and your partner, regular sex contributes to a healthy relationship in a variety of ways. For example, the oxytocin released during sex improves bonding and emotional intimacy.

In a monogamous relationship, having sexual relations with the same person strengthens your commitment to and emotional connection with that person. Couples are more likely to stay together if they show their love through sex. Because of this, sex is linked to a lower rate of divorce.

Sex can increase self-esteem and decrease insecurity, which results in more favorable perceptions of ourselves. Sex is also linked to a higher rate of happiness.

For example, a 2015 Chinese study found that having more consensual and higher-quality sex makes people happier. Additionally, having sex in a relationship enhances the quality of sleep. The hormone prolactin, which promotes sleep, is released during orgasms.

Herbs And Foods That Could Increase Female Sex Drive

Want to increase your sex drive? or simply experience a slight increase in libido? Set off in the direction of the kitchen. In at least a few studies, certain foods, including herbs, have been found to increase sex drive.

Ginkgo biloba is first on our list. This is a well-liked herbal supplement that comes in various dosages. According to preliminary research, ginkgo may function as a natural aphrodisiac. Ginkgo biloba can be bought online or in most health food stores as tablets, capsules, liquid extracts, dried leaves, or tea.

Saffron is next on our list. Saffron is a popular spice that is expensive. In one study, women who took antidepressants for 4 weeks and also took saffron had much more sexual desire. Saffron threads can be bought at specialty grocery stores or spice shops. You can also buy it online, where it is often sold as a powder or in capsules.

Red wine is third on our list. Red wine is often suggested as an aphrodisiac. A 2009 study found that red wine may improve sexual function in addition to its other possible benefits.

But it's important to remember that only a small number of people self-reported these results. Also, some studies show that drinking too much alcohol may have the opposite effect on libido, so it's important to drink in moderation. Chocolate, Coffee, Honey, Strawberries, Raw Oysters, Capsaicin (the main ingredient in chili peppers), Figs, and Bananas.

People Also Ask

What Causes Low Sex Drive In Wife?

Reduced sex interest is frequently the result of ongoing issues, such as a lack of connection with your partner. Unresolved disputes or fights Sexual needs and preferences are not communicated well.

Is It Normal To Have No Sex Drive In A Relationship?

Contrary to popular belief, sex in long-term relationships isn't always easy, even when we're in the "right" relationship. And it's not always a given if we've been working together for years. Low desire is common. In fact, 1 in 3 women and 13-28% of men have low sex drive.

How Often Should A Couple Have Sex?

There is no standard amount of sex that a couple should have. Research shows that having sex once a week makes people happier in their relationships, but there is no evidence that having sex more often makes people happier in their relationships.

At What Age Do Men's Sex Drive Decline?

Between the ages of 30 and 40, a man's testosterone levels drop by about 1% per year, which is high enough to be measured but not usually a cause for concern. On the other hand, men can have a low libido after age 40 as testosterone levels drop even more.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to remember that resolving any relationship issue, whether sexual, financial, or emotional, is a process rather than an event. On the other hand, when a wife is obviously overtired or ill, a loving husband will not demand his "due" impatiently.

This kind of attitude will help the husband control or limit his sexual urges in a loving and honorable way.

Because she knows she can always count on her husband to be kind and considerate, a woman who is thankful for her considerate husband will likely respect him more and may sometimes feel moved to be more kind herself.

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