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The Ice Age Movies In Order - Chronological Order Of The Series For Fans Of The Franchise


We've made a handy guide to all of the Ice Age movies in order so you can watch them before the new one comes out.

Who else is ready to jump back in time to the Prehistoric Era?

The first Ice Age movie came out in 2002, and since then, it has won the hearts of many fans around the world.

It is one of the most well-known animated movies in the world.

It has some of the most memorable characters that fans will never forget.

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The huge success of the first movie gave Blue Sky Studio the confidence to make more movies and short films and add more characters to the series.

Ice Age (2002)

Ice Age (2002) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

It's the Ice Age, and some of our favorite heroes from the Ice Age movies are trying to find a human baby's father.

No one would want to move around during the ice age because there are so many obstacles, but these brave animals are determined.

Based on how the Ice Age movies in order in 2022, Ice Age from 2002 is first on the list.

Gone Nutty (2002)

Gone Nutty is a short film that starts right after the events of the Ice Age.

The story is about what happens to Scrat after the human baby has been given back.

Scrat is on a mission of his own to try to get as many acorns as he can.

The short film was up for an Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 2003.

Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

In the second installment of the Ice Age franchise, titled "The Meltdown from the Mammoth," we witnessed an extraordinary relationship develop between Manny, Sid, and Diego in the face of a crisis that threatened their lives.

In a strange turn of events, Manny has had some problems with being a lonely boy when he meets the love of his life, Ellie, a female mammoth who believes she is an opossum.

Ellie is the mammoth who he will spend the rest of his life with.

The movie was a financial success, and it was very well received by audiences when it was released in theaters.

No Time For Nuts (2006)

In the second Ice Age short, "No Time for Nuts," Scrat goes back and forth through time.

When Scrat is trying to hide his acorns, he finds a time machine that has been buried.

Scrat did what he always does and turned on the machine by accident, which sent him to different times in human history.

Surviving Sid (2008)

Surviving Sid is a short animated film in the series that follows the exploits of Sid.

While Sid is adjusting to his new employment as a camp counselor for a bunch of children, the events of Ice Age: Meltdown is still fresh in his mind.

Despite his best efforts, he fails badly and appears to be making a total fool of himself in the process.

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009)

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Either Manny and Ellie are going to give birth, or Diego is losing his edge because he thinks that being in the family has made him a loser.

Manny's family inspires Sid to want a family of his own, so he brings along three abandoned eggs.

Three baby Tyrannosaurus rex eggs hatch the next morning, and Sid attempts to do everything he can to raise all three of them properly, but their mother returns and takes them and Sid with her.

In a subterranean forest full of dinosaurs, Diego, Manny, Ellie, Crash, and Eddie begin their journey to find Sid.

Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up (2010)

Scrat's Continental Crack-up was a satirical animated short film that focused on the continental drift that occurred during the ice period.

The plot of the movie revolves around Scrat's amusing endeavor to attempt to explain how the continents came into existence.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (2011)

The first Ice Age television special, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, takes set eight years after the third film in the series.

This is Peach's last year in the group, and they are getting ready for Christmas.

Sid's antics thwart Manny's plans to give Peach a family treasure he's been saving.

While sad about the events and believing he is on Santa's naughty list, Sid and his friends Peach, Crash, and Eddie travel to the North Pole in search of Santa in order to clear their names.

As the day progresses, there is a lot of laughter and discovery.

It's got everything you'd expect from a holiday movie in a short TV special.

Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up – Part 2 (2011)

Following on from the events in Scrat's Continental Crack-up Part 1, which ends with Scrat stranded at sea, this second installment continues the story.

A little island and an acorn on the seafloor are discovered by the sharp-toothed squirrel.

Instead of picking the acorn, he discovers a map leading to an island teeming with acorns.

Scrat, on the other hand, finds himself in an undesirable circumstance because not everything that shines is gold.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)

Ice Age Continental Drift Official Trailer #1 (2012) HD Movie

The animals in the Ice Age movies are always getting into one adventure or another.

Now, picture a ship made out of an iceberg.

Yes, not many people would be brave enough to do it, but these animals did it anyway.

They are trying to get home, but they are also having a good time as they look around.

But this isn't easy because they have to deal with sea creatures.

It's a movie that keeps you interested from the start to the end, no matter how old you are.

Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe (2015)

Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe is a short film that is only about five minutes long.

It shows the beginning of Ice Age: Collision Course, which is the fifth movie in the series. Scrat takes us to a completely different place: outer space!

Scrat's adventures chasing acorns set off bad things that happen in the fifth movie and have effects on it.

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (2016)

Fox initially aired Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade at Easter.

Three months after the fourth film and five years before the fifth.

The cast prepares for Easter. Squint and Clint plan revenge for what Manny did to their ship while Sid fails at being responsible.

The duo threaten to ruin the gang's eggs if Manny doesn't build them a boat.

Everything works well, giving us a Christmas feeling.

Clint starts painting and burying eggs in The Great Egg-Scapade.

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Ice Age: Collision Course | Official Trailer #2 | 2016

When you watch the Ice Age movies, you'll agree that Scrat's love for acorns always gets him into trouble.

This time, he sends a space rock to Earth by accident.

To stop the bad things the asteroid is going to do, the group has to work with an old friend.

The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild (2022)

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is the next story about Crash and Eddie, two possum brothers who want to find their own place.

They face the dinosaurs in the Lost World with the help of Buck Wild, a one-eyed weasel.

Manny, Ellie, Sid, and Diego all show up in the movie, but not as the main characters. Scrat and Peaches aren't there.

Ice Age: Scrat Tales (2022)

The first TV show in the Ice Age franchise, Ice Age: Scrat Tales, is a side story to the main story.

It is also the last movie made by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios.

The show came out on Disney+ on the same day that Blue Sky Studios stopped making movies.

When Scrat finds a baby saber-toothed squirrel, the story follows him.

The show is made up of four-minute clips that show Scrat's life as a new dad.

People Also Ask

In What Order Do The Ice Age Movies Go?

Ice Age: The Meltdown was released in 2006, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs came out in 2009, Ice Age: Continental Drift came out in 2012, and Ice Age: Collision Course came out in 2016.

Is Ice Age 6 The Last Movie?

Ice Age: Collision Course was the last movie in the Ice Age series that Blue Sky Studios made before shutting down on April 10, 2021.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, a stand-alone spin-off, came out on Disney+ in 2022.

Why Is Peaches Not In The New Ice Age Movie?

The answer to where Peaches is in Buck Wild can be found at the end of Collision Course, when she and Julian got married and, as they had planned, went off on their own. Peaches isn't at Buck Wild because she moved away with her new husband to start a new life.


Ice Age is a classic animated movie that the whole family loves, so it's clear that it's worth it to watch all five Ice Age movies in order.

Even though the original studio that made the masterpiece just shut down, Disney has bought 20th Century Fox, which helped distribute the work.

So, ice age movies are always great choices if you want to watch something interesting to pass the time.

Watch them right away!

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