800 people piled into a rave underneath the M6 on Friday night, eventually, police began to monitor the situation.

Many have been frustrated with Coronavirus measures, particularly as it has been a year since the first lockdown. Naturally, not everyone has followed the rules. In fact, 800 people in the West Midlands ignored the rules of the government so that they could attend a rave.

Friday night saw 800 people squeeze under the M6 to enjoy a rave. A drone was sent out by the police which detected the heat signature of approximately 100 people near Woodlands Cemetery by the River Cole.

What happened?

The M6 was closed as the police intervened. There were plenty of people who quickly dispersed. However, one young woman had to be helped out of a river.

One person at the rave, who asked not to be named, told Metro about the event:

“It was a secret party with a sound system under a motorway bridge, you had to walk along a muddy path for ten minutes to get there and it wasn’t the kind of place where other parties have been easily broken up by the police.”

“It went on from around eleven to four and there were about eight hundred people there at its height. ‘There have been a few parties with around five hundred people in the run-up to this one.”

“We do care about Covid but people also have a right to go out and socialise when their mental health is suffering.”

Many have felt the mental impact of COVID, although it is unclear whether this will excuse the 800 attendees. Some of those who were at the scene have now been fined.

Police action

22 people have been fined for attending the event. This includes several people who were believed to have organised the secret event. Others who fled from the scene are in the process of being identified and will likely be fined as well.

On top of this, sound equipment and a transit van were seized by the authorities.

A police spokesperson discussed the next steps:

“An investigation is underway after our officers were called to break up an unlicensed music event under a motorway bridge at the weekend.”

Potential fines

Last summer, legislation was passed that meant organisers of illegal raves could face a fine of up to £10,000. Individuals could also be fined £200 if this is their first caution. Equally, this fine is doubled if it is a second offence.

Many will hope that they will be able to enjoy raves again soon. However, for now, some will be put off by the hefty fines which currently surrounds the night time / early morning activity.

Let’s hope the ravers had spare cash!

Image via Alamy.