‘I’m A Celeb’ Boss Provides Huge Update About Who’ll Be Presenting This Year’s Show

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Published 13.03.19

There was a fair bit of worry around Holly Willoughby presenting last year’s I’m A Celeb, but fears were quickly allayed after, urm, I dunno, the first show.

She was a brilliant and more than adequate replacement for Ant – who was taking a hiatus in light of his personal troubles – with her on-screen chemistry with Dec there for all to see.

It was a hugely successful season. And fun too.

Since the series ended, much talk among I’m A Celeb fans was around whether Holly would be returning or not. The bad news? She isn’t.

The good news? Ant is.

The show’s director, Richard Cowles, was the one to confirm the news, as the Mirror reports.

Speaking at the Bafta Masterclass of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, he explained:

“We love what Holly did, but we’re very much looking forward to Ant coming back and I think it’s going to be an amazing series.

I think the job is for us to create a series and cast where everyone wants to come back and watch more, so I’m not worried [about ratings].

I’m looking forward to seeing Ant and Dec back again.”

This comes after it was revealed that casting for the 2019 series had already begun and that bosses are on the hunt for ‘high energy and funny’ celebs to enter the jungle.

Ant and Dec are apparently involved in the casting process and put forward who they would like to see on the show.

Cowles went on to explain:

“We keep Ant and Dec updated. They will always suggest names, but then we all suggest names.

“We have people from eight to 80 watching it. The way I’ve always looked at it is you want to have at least two or three people in the cast that everyone in the family will know.

“It’s quite a difficult thing to do. You just want to have enough so everyone can sit there and go, “I know those people” and to appeal to everyone.

“It’s a weird way of casting. You cast for show one which is when the public and the press all react to it and then you cast for the rest of the series and you’ve got to get that balance right. You got to have it so that it will appeal…it’s not just about the names. It’s about people who are going to be interesting and hold your attention.”

It’s no real surprise Ant’s returning.

Although with the last series being the most watched so far he’s got a lot to live up to.

We’re sure he can do it.

Images via ITV