The I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! camp has been invaded by a dragon.

No, not Drogon

Nor Edgar


In fact, it wasn’t actually a dragon, but a reptile relative of the komodo dragon called a ‘goanna’. Albeit, do note that they’re just as dangerous.



Fortunately, the celebrities were busy taking part in the live Love Island trial when the reptile was spotted crawling around the camp.

“There was a big goanna in camp the other day when they were all out at a trial, a big monitor lizard that looks like a crocodile but it’s related to Komodo dragons.”There’s a lot of them in that area. He came round and sniffed around all their bags and food and we just watched him wander through.”Medic Bob in conversation with The Sun

Good old Medic Bob, he’s the real MVP.

Personally, I couldn’t be bothered with the stress of it all. You’ve got your hunger to deal with, the strenuous bushtucker trials, the irritated campmates and now a monitor lizard. It all sounds extremely exhausting.


I guess they’re all just thinking of the money they’ll make and their impending stay in the Versace hotel. *drolls*

Just how lethal are goannas?

“They’ve got really big claws, saw-like teeth and bacteria in their mouth. That’s why the Komodo dragon is so dangerous. If you get bitten by a Komodo you’ll die unless you get medical help, if you just get a bite. If you get bitten by a goanna in this country, you’ll need a tetanus shot and antibiotics – but you could die.” – Medic Bob in conversation with The Sun

At least they don’t breathe fire.


Don’t worry though, the campmates are safe as the goanna peacefully moved on after sniffing around all the food and bags. It seems he’s just as hungry as the contestants.

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