James Haskell has been quite the controversial figure in I’m A Celeb.

He’s certainly a man’s man, although that doesn’t excuse his behaviour as it’s emerged he once made a a secret sex tape involving his best mate having it off with a schoolgirl who didn’t know she was being filmed.


The sensational claim comes from The Mirror who state that he put a camera in a cupboard to film best mate Paul Doran-Jones sleeping with a naked sixth former before showing the pornographic footage to mates.

Haskell was reportedly 17 at the time, and attended Wellington College in Crowthorne, Berks.


A pretty heavy week.


Any now, he’s rubbing people up the wrong way Down Under.

Last night, the former rugby player appeared to snap when soap star Andy Whyment quizzed the others about their roast dinner.

Nine out of twelve celebrities won roast dinners over the weekend after completing Bushtucker Trials, with Andy missing out alongside Ian Wright and Cliff Parisi.


“Did you get orange juice?” Andy asked.


James, as camp leader, snapped:

“Stop worrying about last night’s dinner, mate. You’re honestly going to do your head in.

“You’re going to torture yourself.”

Kate Garroway defended Andy, saying: “He’s just asking.”


Turning to the other campmates, James said: “I’ve literally heard him ask 20 times, I wouldn’t have asked because I can’t have it.

“It doesn’t matter if the whole building was made out of chocolate.”


Andy defended himself by saying: “It’s not doing my head, I am just asking what you had last night.”

People took to social media to share their anger:



“Really do not like James Haskell, if Andy wants to ask about f*cking orange juice he f*cking can #ImACeleb,” vented another.


“JUSTICE FOR ANDY!!!!!!! GIVE HIM EXTRA POTATOES #ImACeleb,” a third wrote.

“Well Andy is clearly the bigger person there in that ridiculous argument between him and James Haskell. Anyone else if someone was having a go like that would tell them to **** off, but Andy just waved it off as nothing. He’s my King of the jungle this year for sure,” said a fourth.


Later on in the Bush Telegraph, James seemed to regret his outburst.


“It’s just my mentality but it could have come across like I was shutting him down a bit,” he told the cameras. “I didn’t mean to.”

He later apologised. Any insisted that there were no hard feelings between them.