Fans of ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ want a version of the series starring ordinary people

Would you apply?

To the surprise of any of my friend’s reading this, I would totally apply to go on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Most of my friends would be quick to dub me a bit of a princess and rightly so – there have been some Nikki Grahame-esque tantrums in the past (who is she? Exactly right, Gen Z’s, exactly right), but –princess moments aside – I actually think I tick a lot of boxes for I’m A Celeb producers.


I’m a team player, I’m a fan of exotic food, I like fresh air and I’m totally keen and willing to make a d*ck out of myself in the name reality tele. Also, swarms of rats and cockroaches are truly nothing compared to some of the guys I’ve dated in the past.

I really don’t think I need to make a snake joke, do I?

Do you know what? If it gets me on the show, fine. ITV producers, I can guarantee you that I know my way around a snake…


There you go.

I'm a celebrity
This year’s celebrities

Fans are rallying for a second version of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! without celebrities

Good news for my cause then, ’cause as I type this, fans of the hit ITV series are rallying for a second version of the show on social media; a version made up of ordinary people, not celebrities. I’m really surprised it’s not been done before, come to think of it. It would basically be Big Brother in the jungle. F*ck, Mum would never leave the house.

Every year, the show sees 12 celebrities enter the jungle. They are forced to tackle pure jungle Hell for luxury food and treats; thrown into challenges where they could face anything from being buried alive with rats and spiders to eating a camel’s anus. It’s pure tele class and I want in.


Here are a selection of the tweets encouraging ITV to consider such a spin-off:


OMG, I hear that.

I think we’d do great in a joint challenge, hon.


How did I not think up that name first? Damn. Bad writer.

I am skint and I do love winning.



ITV, if you’re reading this – I think I’ve just delivered your Season One cast (including me, obvs).


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 2019

This year’s camp is made up of the following celebrities (I use that term lightly – to be fair, some of them could easily make a return on I’m Not A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and no one would notice, but I won’t name names in case we end up being future campmates).

Ex footballer and broadcaster – Ian Wright MBE
Pop star – Nadine Coyle
‘Rak-Su’ singer – Myles Stephenson
Radio 1 DJ – Adele Roberts
Comedian – Andrew Maxwell
Soap Star– Jacqueline Jossa
Capital Radio DJ – Roman Kemp
Olympian and TV personality – Caitlyn Jenner
Ex England rugby player – James Haskell
TV and radio presenter – Kate Garraway
Actor – Cliff Parisi
Actor – Andy Whyment


Yes, THE Caitlyn Jenner is in the jungle and apparently, it only took a reported cool half a million to get her there.

ITV – hi, me again – I’d do it for free, FYI.


On Wednesday (20 November), new campmates – actors Cliff Parisi and Andy Whyment (pictured above) – entered the jungle.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Met Out of Here

Seriously, ITV, give me a call. 


Images via ITV and Getty