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Imported Sex Dolls Are Now Allowed In South Korea


Imported sex dolls are now allowed in South Korea! South Korea has officially ended its ban on bringing full-body sex dolls into the country. This ends years of debate about how much the government should be involved in people's private lives.

Despite the fact that there are no rules or regulations prohibiting the import of sex dolls, hundreds, if not thousands, have been detained by customs, citing a section in the law that prohibits the entry of commodities that impair the country's beautiful traditions and public moral.

Importers complained and went to court. Most of the courts agreed with them and told customs to let the sex dolls out, saying that people use them in private and that they don't hurt people's dignity.

In a statement on Monday, the Korea Customs Service said that it had started to follow a new rule for the import of life-size adult sex dolls. It said that it looked at recent court decisions and advice from government agencies like the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

The customs office has stated that it will continue to prohibit the import of sex dolls resembling children or other dolls representing specific individuals. It stated that the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom all have laws against selling sex dolls that look like children.

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Some women's rights and conservative organizations will likely once again voice their opposition to the usage of sex dolls, but the decision does highlight South Korea's modest yet gradual strides to minimize official intervention into personal life. They argue that this contributes to the sexual objectification of women and lowers public standards of decency.

In a statement, Carenshare Co., a South Korean company that imports sex dolls, said it was "appalling" that the customs service lifted the ban on imports after wasting taxpayer money on lawsuits with importers. The company said it had lost a lot of money. It said that South Korea needs to change other regulations that hurt the economy. Lee Sang-jin, Head of one of the company's online shopping malls, stated:


We thought our people’s rights to seek happiness and use (sex dolls) in their private lives have been restricted by the state. There are various types of people who use (sex dolls), including those who are sexually alienated or those who need them for artistic purposes.

- Lee Sang-jin, Head of one of the company's online shopping malls

Lee said that the customs decision was "reasonable," but that it was "a bit late." Lee said that South Korean authorities don't stop the sale of sex dolls made there, but that their quality is usually lower than that of dolls made elsewhere.

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Insane Facts About Sex Dolls

Let's go into the world of sex dolls in depth. You will know that the things they find are both interesting and scary. Here are some strange facts about the sex dolls people use to get what they want:

One Man In Michigan Actually Married A Sex Doll

In Michigan, there is a man who is married to a sex doll. Although "Davecat" is not officially married to his sex doll, he considers her to be his wife. You might know him from TLC's My Strange Addiction. He also has two other dolls that he refers to as "companions." They each have their own Twitter accounts.

People Sometimes Call Sex Dolls "Dutch Wives" In Japan

Because some of the first sex dolls were made by Dutch sailors who had been at sea for months and needed something to play with. So, they made cloth puppets, which the French called "dame de voyage" and the Spanish called "dama de viaje." In both cases, it means something like "lady travel." Dutch sailors made them out of leather and traded them to the Japanese, who still use the strange word today.

Barbie Was Inspired By An Existing Sex Toy

The idea for Barbie came from a sex doll. In Germany in the 1950s, a small doll called Bild Lilli was made based on a pretty German actress. It was made for grown-up men. She didn't have, um, holes, but she was erotic. So this is where Barbie got her idea, which is weird.

Final Words

Lee said that his old company has already sued customs officials and won back more than 20 sex dolls. He said that the company had filed separate lawsuits against the government because many of the sex dolls that had been seized by the customs service for about two years were no longer usable.

If the customs service makes this decision, importers will be able to get their sex dolls back from the government storage that the agency runs. Officials from customs said that they probably still have more than 1,000 sex dolls that were sent to South Korea in 2018.

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