Indigenous Leader Claims Off-Duty Police Officer Who Stoned Wombat To Death Did “Nothing Wrong”

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 04.10.19

The off-duty police officer who stoned a defenceless wombat to death apparently did “nothing wrong”, according to an indigenous leader.

Recently shocking footage went viral that showed a man following a wombat along a road at night, before picking up a stone and repeatedly throwing it at the animal’s head until it keeled over and died.


It’s a genuinely sickening video and one that I found very hard to watch. After all of the despicable things that you see go viral with all of the bad people for some reason filming and sharing the terrible things they do, you start to think you’re desensitised to this kind of thing – to an extent – but you can’t be prepared for this video.

officer stones wombat

If you absolutely feel like you have to watch it, then you can here.

The video was shared to Facebook by the Wombat Awareness Organisation, who wrote:

Heartbroken 💔 This is graphic

Healthy wombat stoned to death by off duty police officer.


I am tired of reporting such cruelty for it to be ignored. If this gets your support, something may be done.
Please share, this is not entertainment. This has to stop!
We are withholding identity for the moment and this has been reported, we just need your support so this is not ignored.

The man in the video was confirmed to be an off-duty police officer, Senior Community Constable Waylon Johncock, with Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens adding that his actions were “totally abhorrent and unacceptable”.

While the South Australian Police investigate, Wirangu-Kokatha elder Jack Johncock, based in Port Lincoln, has defended the actions of Waylon, claiming that stoning wombats is an indigenous practise, one that predates the popularisation of animal welfare.


He told ABC:

It’s easy for people to sit back and judge people. This has been part of our culture and the way we’ve gone about it for thousands of years.

For the people of the west coast of South Australia, the wombat is a big part of their diet and they’ll get wombat any way they can.


police stones wombat

I mean you can sort of see what he’s getting at, but firstly, it’s a horrible and cruel way to kill an animal, secondly, he looked like he was really enjoying it and thirdly, did he even eat it afterwards?

The Wombat Awareness Organisation are calling for the stoning of wombats – even for Aboriginal people who are allowed to kill various indigenous species – to be made illegal, something Jack Johncock is not happy about. He continued:

Don’t they think they’ve done enough changes in this country to take away all our rights and customs? I think enough is enough.


What do they want us to do, eat McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried and get fat like everyone else in the country?

Again, he’s got a point and it’s a shame that many cultures are being diluted by gratuitous westernisation, but come on, if you absolutely have to kill an animal, then at least make sure it’s for a reason and it’s done humanely.

There’s literally no need to chase a wombat and throw stones at its head until it dies.

Images via The Wombat Awareness Organisation, Getty