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Indonesia Cough Syrup Deaths Lawsuit Allowed By Court Bringing Relief To Families


Indonesia cough syrup deaths lawsuit allowed by court bringing relief to families.An Indonesian court has granted permission for a class action lawsuit against the government and eight pharmaceutical companies following the deaths of over 200 children linked to contaminated cough syrup in 2022.

Indonesian Court Permits Class Action Lawsuit for Tainted Cough Syrup Victims

Families of the victims seek compensation of $195,000 for each child killed and $130,000 for each child injured. The tainted cough syrup has caused immense suffering to Indonesian families who have lost their children or witnessed their suffering from consuming contaminated medicine.

Nur Asiah, a parent whose four-year-old daughter died after taking the cough syrup, expressed her relief after the court's decision by saying, "My child's struggle was not in vain."

The lawsuit has been brought against both the Indonesian government and eight pharmaceutical companies.

Investigations are still ongoing, and no evidence has been found to link the situation with similar cases in other countries, although the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against six cough syrups made in India and Indonesia.

While some of the companies being sued have not yet responded to the news, a lawyer for one of the companies, PT Universal Pharmaceutical Industries, stated that "pharmaceutical companies are also victims - victims of a crime by the suppliers of the raw materials."

The use of industrial-grade solvent material by local chemical companies amid a globalshortage of pharmaceutical-grade solvents has caused the contamination. Ethylene Glycol and Diethylene Glycol, which are typically used in antifreeze solutions for air-conditioners and fridges, were found in the contaminated cough syrup.


The court's decision to allow the class action lawsuit provides solace for families who have lost their loved ones or witnessed their suffering. While compensation may never bring back the children who have died, the lawsuit could ensure that justice is served, and companies and governments will be held accountable for their actions.

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