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Influencer Livestream Sparks Debate As Man's Response To Bench Request Divides Internet


An influencer livestream sparks debate as man's response to bench request divides internet. Livestreaming has become an increasingly popular way for influencers to connect with their followers and share their daily lives. However, an encounter in a UK park recently sparked a debate on social media about who was in the right when a man refused to move out of an influencer's shot.

Influencer's Request For Man To Move From Park Bench Sparks Debate On Social Media

The influencer, a fitness enthusiast, was filming a live stream in the park when a stranger sat down on the bench behind her. She politely asked him to move, but he refused, leading to a humorous back-and-forth exchange between the two.

Many viewers found the exchange entertaining and took to social media to share their thoughts. Some defended the man, arguing that he had the right to sit where he wanted in a public space. Others sided with the influencer, saying that she was within her rights to ask the man to move and that he was being rude by refusing.

The situation turned tense when the stranger came and sat down on the bench right behind her. The influencer asked the man politely to move, but he responded with a simple "And?" Clearly frustrated, she asked him again, and he instead told her to move her camera. The back-and-forth continued, with the influencer doubling down on her view, but the man was unbothered by the revelation.

'Influencer' Gets Mad At Guy Who Won't Get Out Of Her Shot

"Clearly frustrated," she repeated her question to him, but instead of addressing her concern, he responded with an instruction to adjust her camera, as quoted "Move your camera."

Despite her explanation that her followers would not want to see him during the online session, he remained nonchalant and quoted, "I don't care at all." When she persisted in voicing her perspective, he retorted, "Look, if you don't like the answer, don't ask the question."

The argument continued, with the fitness influencer standing by her belief that her followers would not want to see him. In response, he sarcastically commented, "Your followers? Oh so are you Jesus now?"

The Twitter post of the incident has amassed over 21.5 million views, and many people have shared their opinions on who was right in this situation. Some defended the man, stating that he was entitled to sit where he wants, while others thought the influencer was being polite and the man was being rude for no reason.

According to one Twitter user, "he didn't have to be so rude about it, she was being polite." However, others argued that as it was a public space, "he's entitled to sit where he wants," and urged vloggers to be more considerate of others. Despite this, one person defended the woman, calling the man "obnoxious" and questioning why he had to interrupt her filming.

Another observer expressed surprise at the number of people taking the man's side, "They’re both handling things poorly, and I would’ve given up after he said no twice, but it would be easier for him to move down a bench than for her to reset her live stream."

Another user added, "If anything, I want to see more videos of him interrupting people’s TikTok videos. Hey, Netflix, would you mind please sorting this?"


In conclusion, the incident is a perfect example of how social media has the power to divide opinions and spark debates. It also highlights the importance of being mindful and respectful of others in public spaces, especially when filming content that involves other people.

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