Influencers Are Flooding To Chernobyl And People Aren’t Happy About It

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 12.06.19

Influencers are being condemned for capitalising on the Chernobyl disaster to gain publicity.

After the immense success of Sky’s Chernobyl, the awareness for the 1986 disaster resulted in potentially up to and in excess of 93,000 deaths.

The five-episode miniseries has since become the highest-rated TV show of all time on IMDb, and while educating people of the perils and plight that people went through when Reactor Four exploded, it seems like a lot of people are using the newfound interest in the disaster as a marketing opportunity.



I’ve always felt fairly uneasy about huge production companies making money from tragedies – like Netflix with all of their true crime stuff and HBO/Sky with this – but it seems like these following “influencers” are taking the p*ss.


Using what 100% looks like faux-respect, these people are taking to Instagram with pretty lazy sentiments in the captions about how people died, and then posting pictures of them posing in the modern hellscape.

Just look at the state of this…

chernobyl hbo instergram

This woman in particular received a lot of backlash, and if you’re wondering whether she’s sorry, she’s not. She posted this to her Instagram story yesterday…


instagram influencer disrespect chernobyl

I pixelated her name because she’s obviously doing this for publicity.


There’s more, obviously…

instergrammers at chernobyl

chernobyl instagram influencers


influencers chernobyl

Outrageous. Content.

In light of all of this, show creator Craig Mazin requested that people show the utmost respect when visiting Chernobyl…

People, eh? Rubbish.

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