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Investigating The Sender Of Mysterious Uber Eats Deliveries In Los Angeles


Investigating the sender of mysterious uber eats deliveries in Los Angeles. Residents in a Los Angeles neighborhood have been experiencing a strange phenomenon over the past few weeks. Multiple unsolicited Uber Eats food deliveries have been arriving at their doorstep, leaving them puzzled and concerned.

The situation has reached such an extent that neighbors have reported receiving up to 40 deliveries in a single day. Many residents have also reported that they did not place the orders themselves and have no idea who did.

Unraveling the Mysterious Surge of Uber Eats Deliveries

Morgan Currier, one of the residents, expressed her surprise when she saw that her street was lined with bags of McDonald's and Starbucks meals. "Before you knew it, the whole street was lined with bags of McDonald's and Starbucks, and nobody could explain where it was coming from," she said. "People have been getting upwards of 30 to 40 orders."

Initially, some residents were excited to receive free food. However, the excitement soon turned into frustration when they received the same meal over and over again. "About 80% of the time, it was a single Chicken McCrispy," said William Neal, a resident who received 40 deliveries. "I don't know how I feel about them now. They haunt my dreams."

It remains unclear who placed the orders, but a spokesman for Uber has confirmed that the company is investigating the matter and has taken action against a number of accounts. "We take these reports seriously and are working to help those who have been impacted by these unsolicited deliveries," the spokesman said.

Who Sent Dozens of Mystery Uber Eats Orders?

Some neighbors have even captured footage of the deliveries on their Ring cameras. One resident, William Neal, recorded 13 deliveries in one day. However, the situation took a sinister turn when some residents reported receiving fake orders requesting delivery drivers to leave packages unattended.

Uber Eats promptly stopped delivery after this incident, and the company has taken action against the involved accounts.

While some residents were unable to enjoy the free food deliveries because they were vegetarians, they chose to either give them away or donate them to a local food pantry. "Most of us are vegetarian here, so we couldn't really eat them," said MJ Lat. "We'd give them to contractors on the street or we'd just walk them down to this little, local food pantry."


In conclusion, the sudden surge of unsolicited Uber Eats deliveries in a Los Angeles neighborhood has left residents confused and concerned. While some saw it as a prank, others feared that there was a sinister motive behind the deliveries. However, with Uber Eats taking action against the involved accounts and stopping deliveries after the fake order incident, it seems that the situation has been brought under control.

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