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Iran Carries Out First Known Execution Of A Prisoner Over Protests


Iran carries out first known execution of a prisoner over protests. Media says that Mohsen Shekari was hanged on Thursday (Dec 8) morning after a Revolutionary Court found him guilty of "moharebeh," which means "enmity against God."

He was charged with being a "rioter" who, in September, blocked a major street in Tehran and injured a paramilitary soldier with a machete.

According to an activist, he was found guilty following a "show trial without any due process." The director of the Norwegian organization Iran Human Rights, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, declared in a statement that "The international community must immediately and strongly react to this execution."

So, Iran carries out first known execution of a prisoner over protests. "If Mohsen Shekari's execution is not met with serious consequences for the government, we will face mass execution of protesters,"he continued.

According to a newsagency, Mohsen Shekari was accused of blocking Sattar Khan Street in Tehran on September 25 and attacking a Basij Resistance Force volunteer with a machete. The Basij Resistance Force is a paramilitary volunteer group that is frequently used to put down protests.

Shekari was found guilty of "enmity against God" on November 1 after the court found him guilty of fighting and brandishing a weapon "with the goal of killing, causing panic, and breaking the order and security of society."

He filed an appeal against the judgment, but the top court upheld it on November 20. Shekari was "denied access to his lawyer throughout the interrogation phase [and] judicial proceedings," according to Iran Human Rights.

Additionally, it claimed that his "forced admissions" were broadcast by the extremist news outlet hours after his death. His right cheek has a bruise that can be seen in the video.

Ten more persons have been found guilty of "enmity against God" or "corruption on Earth" and given the death penalty in connection with the protests, the tribunal has said. The names of the defendants are a secret.

It is said that that the death sentences were used to "crush the popular movement even more" and "make the people afraid."

It also said that the Revolutionary Courts worked "under the influence of security and intelligence forces to hand down harsh sentences after trials that were grossly unfair, short, and mostly kept secret."


Iran carries out first known execution of a prisoner over protests that have been going on in the country. This is the first known execution related to the unrest.

Some Western governments and activists were outraged by the news and worried that it was the first of many deadly crackdowns on protests by the government.

Eleven people, including Mohsen Shekari, were given death sentences because of the protests, which were the biggest threat to the Islamic Republic's ruling clergy since the 1979 revolution that put them in power.

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