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Iran Says Drone Attack Targets Military Facility In Isfahan


Iran says drone attack targets military facility in Isfahan. Authorities said early Sunday (Jan 29) that during the night before, bomb-carrying drones attacked an Iranian defense factory in the central city of Isfahan. This happened as regional and international tensions around it were rising.

Iran says drone attack targets military facility in Isfahan. That strike occurred at the same time that a refinery fire broke out in the country's northwest and a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck nearby, killing three people.

However, as its nuclear agreement with major nations failed, Tehran was allegedly the target of Israeli drone attacks while engaged in a covert conflict with its Mideast foe.

Tensions are still high with neighboring Azerbaijan after a shooter attacked its embassy in Tehran and killed its security chief and hurt two others.

There were few details available about the attack in Isfahan, which occurred at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday (Jan 28). According to a Defense Ministry statement, two of the three drones that were successfully shot down at the facility were launched. According to the ministry, a third allegedly got it through to impact the building, "minorly damaging" its roof while leaving no one injured.

One of the many routes for motorists to travel to Qom and Tehran, the capital of Iran, was the busy Imam Khomeini Expressway, which heads northwest out of Isfahan. An English-language branch of Iranian state television aired a mobile phone video that appeared to capture the moment the drone struck the expressway.

Anti-aircraft fire brought together a small group of people who watched as an explosion and sparks hit a dark building. "Oh my God! That was a drone, wasn’t it?"the man filming shouts. "Yeah, it was a drone." After the strike, everyone there left.

The Associated Press looked at this strike footage and other strike footage from the same area. Both pointed to Minoo Street in northwest Isfahan, near a shopping area with a carpet store and an electronics store.

As the country's cities become ever larger, commercial buildings and residential communities are increasingly surrounding Iranian defense and nuclear complexes.

The incident comes after Iran's Intelligence Ministry announced in July that a plot to strike important targets near Isfahan had been foiled.

In a show that aired on Iranian state television in October, Komala members who had been kicked out of Iran and were now living in Iraq were said to have admitted that they had trained with Israel's Mossad intelligence agency and planned to attack a military aerospace complex in Isfahan.

Israel attacked Iran repeatedly, including in April 2021, when it attacked the country's subterranean Natanz nuclear plant and damaged its centrifuges. Iran says Israel is behind a cunning strike that claimed the life of its top military nuclear expert.


In the midst of heightened regional and international tensions engulfing Iran, Iran says drone attack targets military facility in Isfahan. Those drones carrying bombs targeted an Iranian defense production facility in the central city of Isfahan overnight, causing some damage at the plant.

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