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Iranian Forces Kill Anti-Government Protester Celebrating Football Team Loss


Iranian forces kill anti-government protester celebrating football team loss. Security personnel reportedly shot and killed a man in northern Iran during anti-government protestors' open celebrations after the country's football team lost to the United States on Tuesday (Nov 29, 2022).

Iranian forces kill anti-government protester celebrating football team loss. Mehran Samak was shot in the head by security forces when he was out celebrating in Bandar Anzali on Tuesday night.

IHR and other activist groups had initially claimed that the government was detaining Samak's remains and preventing his family from receiving it. IHR posted a video of protesters gathered in front of the state's forensic medical facility, asking that the body be given back to the deceased's family.

Iranian Protestor Killed For Celebrating World Cup Elimination

In a video posted later on Wednesday (Nov 30, 2022), attendees at Samak's burial in Bandar Anzali can be heard yelling, "death to dictator."

According to a report on Thursday (Dec 1), Iranian police have denied that the government killed Samak and said that they have arrested a number of people.

Bandar Anzali police commander Colonel Jafar Javanmardi stated:

Following the football game between our national team and the US, a number of rioters had gathered in the Cheraq Bargh quarter of Anzali and the corpse of a man, around 30, was discovered. Based on existing evidence, he had been shot by a hunting rifle.- Colonel Jafar Javanmardi

Javanmardi refuted claims made by opposition media that Samak had been shot in the head by the police, stating that "initially, the counter-revolutionary and opposition media had reported this as this young man having been shot in the head by the authorities and having later died in the hospital."

The police chief of Anzali County said that several suspects have been found and taken into custody, but the search for the attacker is still going on.

Saeid Ezatolahi, a player for the Iranian national football team, had just returned to Iran following the team's elimination from the World Cup in Qatar. Samak was close friends with Saeid. On Wednesday, the footballer shared a tribute to his childhood pal on Instagram.

I wish we could always stay at the same age…. without any concerns, without hate, without jealousy, without fighting to put each other down…. There is much to say my childhood team mate but unfortunately people are drowning in ego and jealousy and becoming a mess that you can hardly even find people listening to these words or they don’t exist at all… Definitely after another bitter night last night and with the newsof your death, my heart is even more on fire.- Saeid Ezatolahi

Mehdi Fallah Miri, an Iranian prosecutor, said that Samak died "because of a pellet bullet," according to a report from Thursday.


According to Iran Human Rights, Iranian forces kill anti-government protester celebrating football team loss, 27, on Tuesday night in the Caspian Sea city of Bandar Anzali after he honked his car's horn to celebrate the Iranian football team's loss.

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