The internet loves a good argument, whether it’s deciding if the dress is gold and white or black and blue, or whether you hear “yanny” or “laurel”, and now people are fighting over whether the much-loved Twix is a chocolate bar or a biscuit.

Richard Osman started the debate on Twitter.

He’s set off a fiery debate about the virtue of a Twix – the likes of which hasn’t been seen since everyone last bickered about Jaffa Cakes.

Some mavericks have suggested a method to decide. We all know how well that usually goes down.

Twix are yet to make an official announcement:

It’s not the only Twix related controversy of late, as fans were divided over the release of a Winter Spice flavoured edition.

People seem to love it or hate it. Is cinnamon a yes or a no?

What do you think, is it a chocolate bar or a biscuit?


Images via Alamy & Twitter