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Is Andrew Tate Saying Any Truth About The Ukraine Vs. Russia Situation?


Is Andrew Tate saying any truth about the Ukraine vs. Russia situation? You might have heard about the world's most popular human being a lot. Because he kept on saying absurd things, thinking that he was the only one right and that he alone knew.

Andrew Tate On Ukraine Vs. Russia Situation

Is Andrew Tate saying any truth about the Ukraine vs. Russia situation? The answer to this question lies in the video below. He says:

The situation in Ukraine was completely I believe it's completely Nato's fault they knew what they were doing they kept prodding Russia. They kept poking the bear and now that Russia has finally retaliated it had no choice but to do with his own self-interest.

Right he had to eventually do something. It was been going on a long time he eventually retaliated. I'm very very glad nato hasn't stepped in.

Of course I don't want world war three but we're just sending loads and loads of weapons to delay the inevitable just to cause more casualties and more pain for both sides more headaches for Russia you think that Americans give a [ __ ].

Ukraine could just roll over give up what they give up what Russia wants and just end all of it right but because that's what's going to happen in the end.


COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/is-andrew-tate-saying-any-truth-about-the-ukraine-vs-russia-situation/ by Xander Oddity on 2022-10-18T09:35:40.581Z

Atmasabr says about the fact Is Andrew Tate saying any truth about the Ukraine vs. Russia situation: Russia has an overwhelming concern about encirclement that is poorly understood by the West. Eastern Europe has an overwhelming concern about autonomy and protection against soviet style totalitarianism that the West is sympathetic to. Russia has a strong tendency not to understand democracies. There's also the matter of ethnic strife, which is even more difficult to understand.

This invasion came about because all sides miscalculated the interests of the others and what the others were willing to do to meet them. I believe Mr. Tate comes across as stunningly unpatriotic, amoral, and a bit of a demagogue who hoards all the facts to himself. Watch him in a more adversarial interaction--the type Gamefaqs is highly loath to allow, and you'll see more of the questions at play.

Let's dig more into Andrew Tate and his opinions.

According to Andrew Tate, women are a man's property, can't drive, and belong in the home.

According to films shared online, he dates women in their 18s and 19s so that he may "make an impression" on them and believes that rape victims must "carry responsibility" for their assaults.

In other videos, the British-American kickboxer, who poses with fast cars, guns, and cigars, brags about beating and choking women, destroying their things, and keeping them from leaving the house.

People Also Ask

Why Andrew Tate Is Famous?

In 2016, Andrew Tate took part in the UK's Big Brother. He was expelled, though, after his abusive tweets became well-known and a video surfaced of him striking a woman with a belt. The woman and Tate claim there was no abuse and that only consensual sex is seen in the tapes.

What Happened To Andrew Tates?

According to a spokeswoman, Tate was expelled from YouTube for "many infractions" of the platform's community standards. Tate has since switched to Rumble, a video-sharing website like YouTube that takes pride in being "immune to cancel culture," after getting kicked off of all those platforms.

What Is Andrew Tate Net Worth?

Andrew Tate's net worth is approximately $350 million USD.


Is Andrew Tate saying any truth about the Ukraine vs. Russia situation? For me, justifying someone's wrong actions is as wrong as doing that thing. He should be aware of what he is talking about.

The only thing we can all agree on and be sure of is that, regardless of who is really to blame, the Ukrainian people are the meat in the sandwich of all of this and are suffering as a result.

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