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Is Hinata Dead? The Former Heiress Of The Hyūga Clan Of Konohagakure


Some fans were shocked to learn about the passing of a well-liked Naruto character, Hinata. But Naruto was never the most foreseeably plotted story. Despite the fact that Boruto series has acknowledged her demise, there are a lot of hypotheses about is Hinata deador not and how she died.

In Boruto, Hinata passes away, yet she is still alive in Naturo. When Konoha is destroyed, she loses her life defending her husband and son. While defending Boruto, Hinata and Naruto vanish simultaneously. She survives Pain's attacks in Naruto because she was revived and healed.

This might seem unclear because of how many episodes there are in Naruto, which happens frequently. But don't worry, everything you need to know is right here, in one convenient location.

Is Hinata Deceased?

Characters like Hinata, Sasuke, and Kakashi perish in Boruto because the main character needs to experience suffering and pain in order to survive. Why then is Hinata dead in Boruto?

She is cute and gentle, and she has a strong emotional connection with her son Boruto. Because of these factors, as well as the fact that she has always supported him while Naruto was abroad, when Kawaki or anybody else murders her, his kid would definitely experience furious feelings.

Pain did not end her life in episode 168. If she had passed away, Sakura would not have needed to treat her. Only after Hinata had been stabbed by Pain was she cured. During that period, many people died and were raised from the dead.

Due to their rebirth, Kakashi, Shizune, and Fukasaku did not require medical attention. Therefore, Hinata never passed away.

She tells Naruto in Season 8's episode 168 that she has loved him her entire life and would sacrifice herself for him. Naruto transforms into his Nine-Tails form as Pain "kills" her.

He defeats Pain, and Pain raises from the dead everyone who perished in his attack. When Sakura brought Hinata back, she saved her life because, without her, Hinata would have undoubtedly perished.

Is Hinata Dead When Kawaki Attacks Konoha?

People Also Ask

Does Hinata Die In The End?

No, Hinata was not dead in the end. Hinata was spared by Pain (Nagato), therefore she did not perish. Many admirers overlooked that particular detail.

Does Hinata Leave Naruto?

Yes, she does leave Naruto but for a reason. When Naruto eventually realized and felt the same way about her, she opted to go rather than stay to save her sister and destroy the Tenseigan. It wasn't an intentional betrayal, at least not in this case.

Did Hinata Get Revived?

Yes, Hinata gets revived. She managed to defeat Louis and Roy while sustaining mortal wounds. The actual Demon Lord, "Ruler of Night" Luminous Valentine, then confronted her and immediately brought back both Hinata and her deceased followers.

Is Hinata Dead In Pain Arc?

No, Hinata didn't pass away in the pain arc because the pain didn't kill her.


Is Hinata dead? Hinata is not actually dead. She is alive, and the majority of fan fiction that isn't based on the canon is where speculations of her demise come from. Additionally, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the anime, has not mentioned Hinata's passing.

Hinata's near-death experiences, especially the one in the Pain arc, have led to more rumors about her death.

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