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Is Keeping Away From Ejaculation Harmful?


You might be surprised by the advantages of not ejaculating. Men are always looking for a competitive advantage.

It's in our nature to be continuously looking for new ways to improve ourselves, both as workers and as human beings. We're always trying to improve our health, usually in one of the four areas listed below: mental, physical, spiritual, sexual.

If you're pursuing any of these goals, or maybe all of them, you might be surprised to discover about the advantages of not ejaculating.

While it may seem contradictory, refraining from ejaculating for a fixed amount of time - whether a day, a week, or even months - can have measurable benefits in many areas of our life. So let us answer the question we all have: is keeping away from ejaculation harmful?

While the topic of delaying ejaculation may appear to have risen in popularity in recent years, the basic concept has been around for millennia.

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Long before it became a fad on the internet, our forefathers began searching for the physical, mental, spiritual, and other benefits of sperm retention.

While they may not have been aware of the scientific benefits of not ejaculating as we do today, Taoism and tantric sex were prevalent.

The fact that there appears to be no cost to preventing ejaculation is maybe the finest thing about it. There are no recognized health concerns linked with prolonged semen retention, regardless of your personal reasons for doing so.

The Physical Benefits Of Not Ejaculating

The Benefits Of Semen Retention
The Benefits Of Semen Retention

While more study is still needed in this area, the majority of published studies have focused on the physical benefits of not ejaculating.

Many of these benefits are, unsurprisingly, linked to greater testosterone levels. Increases in mood and energy, as well as a reduction in body fat, are the kinds of outcomes that might be expected from increased T.

The most exciting news is that the scientific advantages of not ejaculating may appear sooner than you anticipate.

In 2018, a comprehensive assessment of recent research indicated that abstinence for fewer than 24 hours was linked to increased sperm motility.

The longer one goes without ejaculating, the better the results. In 2003, researchers looked into the advantages of avoiding ejaculating for a week.

T levels in the 28 volunteer participants reached their maximum on the seventh day. A study conducted two years ago found that those who did not ejaculate for three weeks had higher testosterone levels. All of this suggests that the physiological benefits will appear rapidly.

The following benefits have been attributed to increased testosterone levels:

  • Hair that is thicker
  • Muscle mass increase
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Sperm quality has improved

As previously said, these same physical advantages can also enhance our mental and emotional well-being. It's an enthralling loop of optimism that can begin after as little as one day of abstinence.

The Sexual Benefits Of Not Ejaculating

A Depiction Of Sperm
A Depiction Of Sperm

Many guys who have gone without ejaculating for an extended length of time have said that it has enhanced their sex life.

The most common outcome is a longer, more intense orgasm. This notion can be observed in ancient practices such as tantric sex, as well as more modern ones such as edge, which involves getting oneself just to the point of orgasm before pausing and starting again.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine has identified edging as a means of improving the pleasurable sense of orgasm for some men. It may also be useful as an exercise to aid in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Choosing Not To Ejaculate Can Have Many Emotional Health Benefits

A Depiction Of Health Benefits Of Semen Retention
A Depiction Of Health Benefits Of Semen Retention

Men who choose not to ejaculate reap a variety of health benefits, including mental, spiritual, physical, and even sexual ones.

While additional research is needed to definitively define the duration and nature of these benefits, the bottom line for men who choose to abstain is that they are not harming themselves, making the decision totally personal.

If you've been looking for a means to regain control over your life and maybe reap these health benefits for yourself, refusing to ejaculate could be the answer.

Premier Men's Medical Center's medical staff specializes in treating problems that affect men's health.

Our concierge approach puts your case at the forefront of our attention. We don't simply hand you an ED tablet and send you on your way.

We address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and other problems. To make an appointment, call our office now.

Semen Retention: Is It Good for You?

People Also Ask

What Is Semen Retention?

The process of avoiding ejaculation is known as sperm retention. Of course, you can do this by abstaining from any sexual activity. You may either learn to orgasm without ejaculating or you can learn how to orgasm without ejaculating.

Although it may appear to be a brand-new craze, the practice is likely as old as humanity.

People attempt it for a variety of reasons, ranging from physical to emotional to spiritual.

Continue reading to learn about some of the possible benefits of sperm retention, how it's done, and whether evidence backs up the beliefs.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

Semen retention may appear to be a new concept, but that is only because blogs and forums have made it easier to publicly debate such topics.

In truth, it's a concept that's been around for a long time and is even part of some ancient rituals.

People are interested in semen retention for a variety of reasons, including the assumption that repeated ejaculation weakens you.

Some people believe that retaining sperm increases fertility, sexual pleasure, and physical wellness.

Many people feel that sperm retention increases mental health and spiritual growth by redirecting sexual energies to other aspects of life. For some, it is the pinnacle of self-control.

Is It The Same Thing As "NoFap"?

The term "NoFap" is frequently used interchangeably with "semen retention," however the two are not interchangeable.

NoFap is the name of a non-profit organization, and Nofap.com is the community-based porn recovery website affiliated with it.

NoFap is not a verb, a principle, or a movement, according to NoFap.com's "about" section.

Its claimed goal is to assist people recover from compulsive sexual behavior and improve their relationships by giving information and community support.

So, while semen retention is mentioned, NoFap's focus is on removing the dependency on pornography, not on semen retention specifically.

Are There Any Risks To Consider?

There is no indication that semen retention is harmful to one's physical or mental health. Continue if you're happy with it.


A Depiction Of Semen Retention
A Depiction Of Semen Retention

There is currently insufficient research to draw any definitive conclusions about the possible benefits of sperm retention.

However, there hasn't been a lot of research to imply that there are any possible health problems.

A person hasthe option of refraining from sexual engagement for as long as they want. They can also try incorporating techniques like edging or tantric sex into their sex life to see whether they like it.

There is no specific frequency at which a person should ejaculate. As a result, people should do whatever feels right to them.

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