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Is Martin Short Gay Or Straight? Debunking Rumors About His Sexuality


Martin Short has been the subject of numerous rumors about his sexual orientation since his appearance in the classic film "Father of the Bride." In that film, he played Frank, an eccentric and strange wedding planner.Following the screening of that film, the audience was divided into two groups: those who asked "Is Martin Short gay?" and those who were opposed to the notion.

Is Martin Short Gay?

Here is an honest answer! Martin Short isn't gay, and in fact, he was married to Nancy Dolman before she died. The Father of the Bride's writers did not depict Franck as a gay character; in fact, the movie denied the character's sexual orientation. However, Franck appeared to be gay in Short's portrayal of the character because of how society sees it.

Martin was aware that the character would always be known as the "gay wedding planner." Short claimed that there was no other way to portray the character in a comedic manner.

I guess you could reverse it and play it like John Wayne, but it wouldn’t be real. And if you don’t have any reality in it, then you can’t go funny, ’cause there’s nothing to ground it.- Martin Short who portrayed Franck in the movie "Father of the Bride"

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Martin said that people shouldn't have thought that Franck was gay just because of the way he looked. "Often you meet guys (like Franck), and then you meet their wife and eight kids," he said. Even though he has LGBTQ friends, Short said he often gets people's sexuality wrong.

It's often very hard to figure out who’s gay. I've met really effeminate people who are surprisingly sincerely straight. And then the opposite.- Martin Short

Martin Short And Martin Steve Kissing Went Viral

Martin Short And Martin Steve kissing while sitting at a table full of white roses and wine glasses
Martin Short And Martin Steve kissing while sitting at a table full of white roses and wine glasses

In 2017, something went wrong. A picture of Martin Short and Martin Steve kissing went viral. At the AFI event, this took place. This one picture made people wonder if Martin Short is gay.

Well, he's not, of course. The stand-up comic is no longer with anyone. But when Short's wife, Nancy, died of cancer in 2010, he became close with Steve.

So how come he kissed Steve? Because they are close friends, the answer is clear. This was a friendly kiss because it was slow and steady. Martin Short isn't the only famous guy who has kissed the same person more than once.

Many famous people get in trouble for giving friendly kisses to other famous people they know. But that's the only time he's seen kissing a guy on camera.

If he was really gay, he might have left his family and started dating Steve or another man. This makes no sense. People of the same gender kissing each other looks strange, but it's just another way to say hello.

So, don't believe everything you read on news sites that says Martin Short is gay. He is straight, and his love for his wife is so strong that he is still "single."

Quora User Debunks Rumors About Short's Sexuality

Here are some of the comments posted on Quora, and many of the users said that Shorts is straight and not gay.

Victor Felix debunks the rumor that Martin Short is gay. He said in the comment section:

No, Martin Short was married to a woman, Nancy Dolman, from 1980 until she passed away in 2010, from Ovarian cancer at the age of only 58. They have three children. This question is quite insensitive to Nancy Dolman Short’s memory, as Martin Short was together with her almost all of his adult life and there is absolutely no reason to think he loved anyone else other than his wife, to this day. He has not remarried.- Victor Felix

Another Quora user posted a comment:

Martin Short was married to a woman for much of his adult life until her death and there’s no reason to believe that he’s gay and just in the closet about it, because he’s just not the type of person who would ever have felt the need to hide being gay if he were. Honestly, enough people already think he is gay that he would have nothing to gain by lying about it for this long if he actually were.- Craig Schiller

People Also Ask

Is Martin Short Gay Or Straight?

No, he is not. Many people enjoy spreading rumors about celebrities' sexual orientation. Martin Short is another celebrity on the list. Martin Short has not declared his sexual orientation or come out publicly about his sexuality, but he was married until his wife died in 2010.

Is Martin Short A Nice Guy?

Short is one of the few comedians who are truly kind and even-tempered.

Are Martin Short And Steve Martin Friends?

Short and Martin have been friends and collaborators since the 1986 comedy "Three Amigos!" So you'd think they'd be happy for each other's success and eager to compete for Emmys.

Final Thoughts

Given his assortment of eccentric and colorful personalities, it is easy to see why Martin Short is frequently mistaken for being gay. Martin Short is not gay, and he was married to Nancy Dolman before she died. He might have abandoned his family and begun dating Steve or another man if he was truly gay.

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