Is the McDonald’s 2019 Christmas advert the best one yet?

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Published 16.11.19

McDonald’s might’ve just won the battle for the Christmas ad crown with ‘Archie the reindeer’

We’re kinda lovin’ it.

It’s that time of year again where the world’s biggest brands go head to head to produce the most original, festive and above all cutesy Christmas ad of the season. It’s all gotten so OTT and ridiculous that many of us seem to actually forget whose ad is whose year on year, and even what it is these companies actually sell. All tea: my hardcore vegan friend – lets just call her Vicky – sent me several WhatsApp’s this morning urging me to write a story about the McDonald’s Christmas ad ’cause its fictional star is “cute AF”. Yes, my VEGAN friend wanted to me to write about McDonald’s ’cause, you know, Christmas and cuteness…


In the grand scheme of things, even though these Christmas ads are driven by some evil levels of materialism and greed, they’re a big part of the British Christmas these days and make a lot of people smile (much needed rn). People just love pitting these ads up against each other and dissecting them to filth, which makes for some humorous social media scrolling, for sure.

But let’s face it, if a Christmas ad is going to take home that all important crown for best ad, then they need to deliver us an avert with at least one, memorable, “cute AF” character. Thanks, Vicky.

McDonald’s 2019 Christmas ad features ‘Archie the reindeer’

And f*ck me, McDonald’s are playing to win this year with the adorable ‘Archie the reindeer’. Excitable Edgar best watch his back.

After a delivering with their ad in 2018, it looks the fast-food giant has served up something special once again this Christmas – sticking with last year’s reindeer theme. The ad is currently doing the rounds online now – propelling Archie to international levels of Christmas stardom already – and is set to make its television debut during the launch of this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on ITV this Sunday (17th November).


In this beautifully animated ad, we follow the narrative of a little girl called Ellie, who wants to play a game of ‘reindeers’ with her older (and reluctant) sister, Jenny. Courtesy of teen angst, Jenny is having none of it and tells Ellie she’s “not a reindeer”. Kids can be so cruel.

McDonald's Christmas advert still Archie the reindeer

And yes, I got Frozen vibes too, btw. Well done, McDonald’s.

Ellie then heads into the garden where she runs into the star of the show, ‘Archie the reindeer’. Soon enough, the two become the best of friends (Ellie even drags Archie up in a tutu, which I’m clearly here for). But when Ellie runs out of ‘Reindeer Treats’ to give to her friend, the whole family heads on down to McDonald’s to buy some more. Sure.

McDonald's Christmas advert still Archie the reindeer

The fam get to the drive-thru window and suddenly the aesthetic magically transforms from animation to real life – and as it turns out, Archie is, in fact, just Ellie’s dog dressed up as a reindeer. Still just as adorable though.

Oh, and they also buy some nuggets, too. Naturally.


McDonald’s are helping families get ‘Reindeer Ready’ this Christmas

McDonald’s are taking their Christmas marketing plans to another level this year by promising to give out free ‘Reindeer Treats on Christmas Eve, bringing the magic of the ‘Archie the reindeer’ ad to life for the whole family.

Ben Fox, the Marketing Director for McDonald’s UK and Ireland said:

“We’re proud of the role we play in getting the nation Reindeer Ready each Christmas and this year is no exception.

“We’re celebrating the magic of Christmas through the eyes of Ellie, an imaginative little girl, in an advert which illustrates scenes recognised by parents across the country, as the whole family comes together to get Reindeer ready. We hope the public enjoy Ellie and Archie’s adventure as much as we do.”


Who is the cutest of them all?

Excitable Edgar

I have to say Archie’s up there so far. Excitable Edgar’s cute and all, but there’s something about the pretentiousness of the John Lewis Christmas ad that p*sses me off every year. Then of course, we have Sainsbury’s Nicholas the Sweep (although very much lacking in the animated animal/inanimate object front) and Aldi’s legendary Kevin the Carrot.

Kevin the Carrot

Let the battle for the crown roll on. I’m lovin’ it. 


Images via McDonald’s, John Lewis and Aldi