‘IT’ Director Confirms ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Will Be 2 Hours And 45 Minutes Long

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 29.07.19

The running time for IT 2 has been revealed and it’s a pretty long film…

I remember when I was a kid and even though that wasn’t too long ago, barring films like Titanic and Lord of the Rings, the going length for films was 90 minutes, give or take.

Now you’re getting TV shows like Sherlock – which hasn’t aired for two and a half years – that are 90 minutes per episode and films like Endgame which are just over twice as long.


There’s exceptions to the rule, of course, SpartacusLawrence of Arabia and 2001: A Space Odyssey come to mind but generally films weren’t something you had to clear your whole evening for and worry about when to have a toilet break.

Now IT Chapter 2 is coming and it seems to be one of the film of that ilk; i.e. pretty young and you may be asking your friends who have seen it when the least important part is so you can run to the toilets and maybe get a drink.

it chapter 2

With all of that said, I don’t actually mind a long film and I genuinely think I could have sat through a good three hours more of Endgame.


Bearing that in mind, Andy Muschietti – the director – has revealed that the upcoming IT: Chapter 2 will have a runtime of two hours and 45 minutes, making it a pretty long film indeed; especially for a horror.

Speaking with various press outlets, Muschietti explained his creative process that led to the final version of the film:

A movie is very different when you’re writing the script and you’re building a story compared to what the final product is.


At the beginning, when you’re writing and building the beats of the story, everything that you put in there seems very essential to the story.

However, when you have the movie finally edited and it’s four hours long, you realise that some of the events and some of the beats can be easily lifted but the essence of the story remains intact.

You cannot deliver a four hour movie because people will start to feel uncomfortable – no matter what they see – but we ended up having a movie that is 2 hours and 45 minutes, and the pacing is very good.

Nobody who’s seen the movie has had any complaint.”


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Well there’s always people who want more and with that, producer Barbara Muschietti revealed:

We will put out a director’s cut because this time it definitely merits it.

We have some amazing scenes that didn’t make it into the movie. You have to make choices sometimes and some things cannot be in this theatrical release but are definitely worthy of people seeing them at a later date.”

I still resent that film studios charge us extra to watch the parts of the film that didn’t make it into the original cut because they weren’t good enough – but still somehow make the film more coherent – like eight months longer. It seems very dishonest and like a huge cash-grab.

Warner Bros and DC love pulling that old bootleg.

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