It Turns Out A Lot Of Otters Look Like Matt Damon

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny
Published 18.06.19

Hey! Did you know otters look like Matt Damon?! Now you do!

Yeah it’s exactly what it sounds like really, this article. It’s a list of pictures of otters that look like actor Matt Damon.

Why am I still writing if you’re just here for Matt Damon otters? Not sure really.

Will I stop? Eventually.

I just looked up Matt Damon’s IMDb to see if I could make any otter puns with his filmography – I can’t – and I had genuinely no idea that he voiced a krill in Happy Feet 2. That seems insane.

Anyway, Damon otters…

Good content. Very good content.

Images via OttersThatLookLikeMattDamon