ITV2’s New Show Killer Camp Is Already Called ‘Better Than Love Island’

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Published 29.10.19
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ITV know how to make a good reality series don’t they?

It’s like Netflix and true-crime – almost a better love story than Twilight.

And now there’s a new kid in town – Killer Camp.

It’s essentially the same as Love Island but with a murder mystery theme.

The series began last night and is on every night until Halloween. Episode one saw the 11 contestants dropped off at a lakeside lodge, thinking they’d signed up for a summer style reality TV show only for them to quickly realise that they’d got it horribly wrong and there was a ‘secret murderer’ among them.

It’s then up to everyone else to try to work out who the killer is before they get caught. The longer they survive = the more money they get.

Two of the 11 were ‘murdered’ in the first episode alone, with 26-year-old male nanny Feargal and 23-year-old pianist Nurry leaving.

It’s going down a storm so far – with many calling it better than Love Island.

Sounds like a must-see!