ITV’s New Dating Show Has Viewers Divided With Some Saying It’s The Perfect Replacement For Love Island

Katherine WaldockKatherine Waldock in Entertainment, TV
Published 04.09.19

ITV’s New Dating Show Has Viewers Divided With Some Saying It’s The Perfect Replacement For Love Island

I miss Love Island.

I miss judging the reality TV stars on my sofa, pretending not to be slightly jealous of their attractiveness and easy money they make after the series.

What is Singletown?

ITV hasn’t let any of us down, and has given us the show ‘Singletown’. The series aired for the first time on the 2nd of September with ITV’s Head of Digital Channels, Paul Mortimer, saying that: “ITV2’s young audience will hopefully be hooked on the dating dilemmas, twists and turns and the fresh and re-kindled romances that emerge from this exciting new format.”

The jury is out on whether the new series is set to be a big hit though, with mixed reviews from twitter users.

The premise of Singletown is simple. Five couples ‘break up’ for the summer to live in London for the summer of their lives. At the end of every week, however, couples will be faced with the choice to ‘stick or twist’; to get back together, or to continue on the show single.

Sound familiar?

Twitter users did too, with one asking ‘Is Singletown just endless Casa Amor, but set in Wapping?’

Is Singletown good?

The show has many similarities to Love Island, but fans are not so convinced that it will be as good as the real thing. Users have accused the show of coming across as fake.

Who knew? Footage in the opening scenes of the first episode shows them breaking up, crying and acting shocked, but to be honest, did they not notice the great big cameras and microphones?

What about the producer asking them to cry facing the camera then? Or maybe when they decided to go on ‘Singletown’, they genuinely did it to sort out their relationship. Because nothing screams ‘healthy relationship’ like not communicating for the summer and getting on other people whilst you avoid the problems in your relationship? What could possibly go wrong?

People took to twitter to express their disappointment in the show, with one twitter user simply saying:

‘So I came to the conclusion that Singletown is absolute shite’


Other users have been a bit more… positive, like one who said: ‘singletown might be the worst tv show ever and if you think im gonna watch every episode you’d be absolutely right’

Other twitter fans have completely embraced the series, suggesting that it has ‘filled the love island void’.

I personally am really looking forward to this series, as it seems that the respective apartments will be rife with lively intelligent conversation. Claudia asked Selin where she was from, to which Selin replied ‘guess’. Claudia, now flummoxed, responds; ‘where’s that?’

Apparently geography isn’t the strong suit of British reality tv stars. Who knew?

When is Singletown on?

The new series does has the making for a great reality TV show, with a villainous Jeremiah who everyone loves to hate, and my money is on Rob and Claudia for the faves so far. The series has two episodes out so far, so make sure you catch up fast for the drama to come! The series airs on weeknights at 9pm.